Do Not Despise Small Beginnings


Do Not Despise Small Beginnings!

As I was sitting here praying today about what to write, my prayer was, “Father, what questions are your daughters asking and how can I encourage them?” I heard the phrase, “Do not despise small beginnings”.

This scripture is found in Zachariah 4:10. You may be wondering how this is relevant to living healthy? Well, have you ever thought: “I don’t have an hour a day to workout” or maybe, “I can’t afford to buy everything organic?”

I don’t have the time to prepare  healthy food. Maybe your not sure where to start, so you don’t do anything. Friends, everybody’s situation is different. We all have different dynamics in our household. Some of us are on a budget. Others have just started this journey. Some people have food allergies.

There is so much conflicting information out there that you don’t know whether to crap or bake a cake as my mom would say, except she used another word! I would recommend  starting where you can and keeping it simple!

Most likely you can’t change everything today anyway, so don’t worry, be happy! What can you do today? Can you walk? Can you get some fresh air and sunshine?Can you eat some fresh whole fruits and veggies? Can you make some positive confessions? Can you choose to think on good things as Philippians 4:8 tells us?

What is in your hands to do today? What answers has God already provided that you can utilize now.  Whether we think we have enough time, resources, or information to begin,  I encourage you to choose one thing and put your hand to the plow and start sowing seeds into your health today!

Let me give you a few simple steps that will cost little or no money;

  1. Take a walk.
  2. Drink more water
  3. Add lemon to your water
  4. Think before you eat. Am I hungry? Am I bored, etc… mindful eating
  5. Rest, take a sabbath. (Its biblical and rest helps our body)
  6. Take 10 deep belly breaths (Inhale the breath of life and exhale all worries)
  7. Get a good laugh (Proverbs 17:22, A Merry heart is like medicine)
  8. Play with your kids (ride a bike, put some skates on, go to a park, throw the ball)
  9. Get some sunshine and walk barefoot in the grass.
  10. Be thankful!!! We all have many reasons to give thanks. Say them our Lord!

Please do not despise small beginnings! I am cheering you on! Take those small steps and give yourself a pat on the back. Do not compare yourself to others. None of us are at the exact same place. Be encouraged today my friends to keep on keeping on! If you feel this blog encouraged you in any way please let us know by commenting below and be sure to share!

To Your Health,

Jenay Green

Photo credit (Moran Studios) Hair and makeup Brushworx

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