Your Not A Failure! Do Not Quit!

Your Not a failure. Do not quit!

Sometimes we feel like a failure when we stumble in our way. That is a lie. You are not a failure unless you quit trying! I can not tell you how many times I have fallen flat on my face and had to get up and keep moving.

When it comes to diet and exercise this is an area that I have failed so many times over the years. It is so stinking hard! All the food temptations that we have. I mean you would think someone is trying to sabotage us, right!

The commercials for food, the bill boards at every corner, the junk food at the check out lines. Come on people, help a brother(or Mother in this case) out! Our self-control is being tested at every turn.

I can do so good for awhile, then people start telling you that you have lost weight or you are feeling your cloths loosen up a bit and then it all starts. Well, a little sugar never hurt anyone, right? A little success and we want to celebrate.

I know a little sugar in moderation is fine, but when I get started it is downhill from there. Sugar is so stinking addicting!

I don’t know about you ,but when I get off track in one area, it has a trickle affect. I may skip a day of walking, then two, then a week, so on so forth. I will say I am only going to have sugar on special occasions, then weekends, then it becomes a daily habit!

I want you to know your not alone, friend, your not a failure, don’t quit! Life is all about learning from our experiences and mistakes. What to do different next time around, for more success.

Some of us have to go around the same mountain a few times before we realize, wow I keep getting the same results and that is the definition of insanity!

As much as we have the temptations all around us, we also have more tools than ever before for staying on track with health and fitness goals. It really is where you choose to focus and your perspective.

I am confessing to you, that I have again stumbled in my way, but I am getting up and moving forward, for you and for me. Every day think carefully about the choices you make. Ask yourself, “Is this taking me closer to my goals or further away”?

If you have stumbled, you are not alone, I encourage you to pick yourself up and look ahead to the good choices you are getting ready to make! Please leave a comment below with one encouraging word, idea, or recipe to help us all stay on track. We need each other, friends!

To Your Health,

Jenay Green

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