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Simple Healthy Breakfast Cereal

Simple Healthy Breakfast Cereal IMG_1135

If your like me and your on the go with a big family, you are always looking for simple healthy recipes. Cereal tends to be a common household breakfast item, but a lot of times there not exactly providing the fuel you need for a busy day.  In my experience cereal can often leave you unsatisfied and hungry not long after eating.

Your body is looking for fuel to provide energy, not empty calories loaded with sugar. Always read labels! Go to the ingredient list to find out what you are eating.

If you are unsure about an ingredient, just google it and find out what it is! As a general rule, the more ingredients, the less healthy. I look for less ingredients and I want to recognize what is in the food I am feeding my family.

This simple healthy breakfast cereal provides an array of vitamins and healthy fats to nourish your body and give you some get up and go! The cool thing about this recipe is you can be as creative as you would like, and use what you have making it a time saver.

I start with raw nuts. Like I said before use what you have rather than spending a lot of money on specific things, you may find a new combination you like even better.

I am using raw walnuts and raw almonds, because that is what I have. I was out of flaxseeds so I used chia seeds. Either of these options are good. You can read my article, by clicking on the highlighted blue to more about the health benefits of flaxseeds.

Next, I add whatever fruit I have. Today I am using strawberries,blueberries, and half a banana. I then lightly dust with cinnamon, and last I add the non-dairy coconut almond milk. You can use whatever you have, but I prefer a non dairy option, like almond or coconut milk. I always choose the unsweetened so there are no added sugars.IMG_1160

Simple Healthy Breakfast Cereal

1/4  cup raw walnuts

1/4 cup raw almonds

2 tbsp of organic flaxseeds(grind them)

1/4 cup organic strawberries

1/4 cup organic bluberries

!/2 a banana

dust with cinnamon

optional(drizzle with raw unfiltered local honey)

unsweetened coconut almond milk

If you do not have organic that is ok. I am not able to buy everything organic, but there are certain fruits and vegetables that carry higher levels of pesticides so I try to purchase certain things organic when I can. Here is a list you can check out.

This simple healthy cereal is real food and easy. If you enjoyed this recipe or have anything to add or share leave a comment below and share with your friends. Be sure to subscribe to get all our latest recipes and blogs!

To Your Health,

Jenay Green


Simple Healthy Breakfast Options


Being a personal trainer I have had a lot of people over the years say they have a hard time with breakfast.Their concerns are usually that they are not hungry when they wake up. I personally have witnessed in my own life how crucial starting my day with a healthy breakfast has been for me.

I also believe eating a healthy breakfast sets the tone for the entire day. If I eat a sugary breakfast I crave sugar the rest of my day, but when I eat healthy at breakfast I usually carry those healthier habits throughout my day.

Another great reason to start out your day with a healthy breakfast is for the energy needs to perform daily tasks to the best of your ability. Whether you are looking for healthy breakfast options for you or your family I will include the ones I use for my 4 boys as well as myself.

If you are the person that is not hungry when you wake up I would suggest a smoothie or a meal replacement shake. Here are few smoothie recipes to choose from.

Another simple healthy breakfast option is cereal. Do not be fooled most cereal is full of sugar so read labels to find out your ingredients. I like to make my own ceral using nuts, fruit, seeds, and almond milk.

When I talk to clients I joke about Gods fast food being the simplest and healthiest breakfast options available. It is as easy as peeling a banana or grabbing a handful of raw almonds. Now that is fast food!!!

Eggs are one of my favorite options and keep me full longer than some of the other healthy breakfast options. I like them fried or scrambled in unrefined coconut oil . A little sea salt and they are great!

The most important thing is to have these simple healthy breakfast options available so you are not tempted to grab something on the fly. Keep a couple of things in a bag in your car for when you have to rush out the door. Planning ahead always helps me to make healthier choices and keeps it simple.

If this information has helped you in any way I ask that you comment and share!

To your health, Jenay Green

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