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Fun Ways to Get the Family Exercising

Now, some of us just do not like to exercise. The thought seems like a curse word sometimes. We also will come up with every reason in the world that we just can’t fit it in our schedules. Our modern day conveniences may be helpful with our time management but not so much our health. We need to move more and eat less! Sounds so simple, right?

I have found getting in a habit of regular exercise to be challenging even for me as a personal trainer. I used laugh with the trainers at the wellness center I owned when they would be running for miles on the treadmill. After working out with clients and teaching a class, I would say I do not run unless someone is chasing me.  It was kind of a joke but there was some truth in it. As they all seemed to have exercise running through their veins, as if they were born loving it. It was not that way for me.

Now don’t get me wrong, I love how I feel after a great workout but talking myself into it is a different story. Now there was a time in my life where I was driven by vanity, I thank God that is not what drives me now. I honestly want to honor God by taking care of this body that he gave me and want to be as healthy as I can for my husband and children.

Knowing exercise is a major component of improving health, and I need to make it routine for me and my children. This has given me a different perspective. I have been determined to find fun ways to get the family exercising.

First of all, I call this time playing instead of exercise. Would you rather play or exercise? I would rather play and so would my kids. Also playing brings laughter which is another boost to your health. I also love to play outdoors in the sunshine which gives us the valuable vitamin d that we all need for great health.

Just get your heart rate up and create fun ways to get the family exercising. You can race with your kids. You can jump on the trampoline, ride bikes, throw the football or baseball. Get a soccer ball and or kick ball game going. Go for walks and spend time talking about your kids day, this is great family time.

Another fun way to get the family exercising is dancing. Get some of your families favorite tunes on a rainy or cold day and dance. The boys will also compete with push ups and pull ups as they love competition. Rollerblading is another fun activity we do as a family that is a great workout hidden in fun!

I would suggest setting the example as your family sees you exercise then they are more likely to follow by example, show them instead of telling them. They also value time with mom and dad so anything you do with them they will enjoy. A family that plays together stays together!

Jenay Green

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