Simple Healthy Breakfast Recipe

Simple Healthy Breakfast Recipe

Ever think to yourself ,what can I do with all these leftovers? Recreating what you have can be challenging to many, but I would like to help you here if I can with a simple healthy breakfast recipe.

 I  work from home and I am on the go more than not. I have three kids, need I say more?  As women and moms alike we tend to think of ourselves last.

What if I could tell you there was a way you can be prepared most of the time when it comes to nourishing your body? Prep for Success!!

Cook extra portions of your carbs. Ex. Rice, quinoa, roasted potatoes.. Also the same goes for veggies roast, steam sautee ect.. and Protein  grill, bake, broil  whatever it may be cook extra to ensure a well balanced meal.

Below I took what I had in my refrigerator and made my simple healthy breakfast recipe for the next 4 days!!


Breakfast Fritta

4 whole eggs 8 egg whites or 8 whole eggs

1 cup pre cooked quinoa

4 oz. leftover pulled chicken

2oz. smoked gouda


Feel free to add any veggies of choice and carb you have on hand!

The video below will explain the steps.