Family, Fun, and Fitness!

Family, Fun, and Fitness…

You may be wondering what family, fun, and fitness all have in common? I believe the family that plays together stays together..Getting those endorphins kicking in by physical activity or getting plenty of fresh air and vitamin D was not something you had to put on your “To Do List” as a kid.  As a matter of fact, it was just part of being a kid, right?

Think about the word play and what comes to mind? Running, laughing, not having a care in the world? This is a time set aside to be childlike. We need to learn from our children and join them in their fun. This is a great way to accomplish two things at once. #1 Spending time with our family. #2 Getting our playing in. I am using the word playing rather than exercise, because this is a P.G. post and for some exercise is a cuss word. LOL

Everyone likes to play, but not everyone one likes to exercise. Either way this is a great chance to let your hair down and be a big kid. You’re teaching your kids to be active and they are teaching you how to not be too serious all the time.

These are a few of the activities that our family enjoys doing together. The kids love to jump on the trampoline, but it seems to give them more joy if they can laugh at me jumping with them, not to mention I get some laughs myself. The Bible tells us in Proverbs 17:22:  “A merry heart does good like a medicine”. 

Here is some great information on some of the health benefits of rebounding. Riding bikes is also a great way to get the heart rate up. Another family favorite in our house is Rollerblading. This is what I call playing. The first time we tried rollerblading–I think we may have laughed till we cried. Be sure to start on flat ground and with helmets and pads.

Another way to engage in playing with the family indoors is a place like Sky Zone indoor trampoline park. This is a great idea for cold or rainy days. A game of kickball is sure to get you moving as well as giving your kids a few giggles at your expense, of course. Even taking them to the park and playing with them on the playground can get the heart rate up.

My boys love playing tag–just be sure to stretch first. When competition arises, we make our bodies move quicker than normal and could pull something. The more you play with your kids, the more you will be able to. These are just a few ideas on how to incorporate family, fun, and fitness into your every day life. If you found this blog helpful or would like to share any family, fun, and fitness ideas you may have be sure to comment!

To Your Health,

Jenay Green


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