Whole and Healthy, or Selfish Ambition?

Whole And Healthy, Or Selfish Ambition?

This is a question often in my mind: Do you want to be whole and healthy, or is this selfish ambition?  I have to stop and assess where I am emotionally, mentally, spiritually and physically.

If there is any frustration involved or I’m constantly “looking” for change in my physical body, then that is a red flag for me. This has been a struggle for me most of my adult life.  I learned to love working out about 15 years ago now, but it became more of a vanity issue for me rather than being healthy.

Therefore I trained excessively to the point that I was never really happy, and it was really hard for me to maintain that “look”–you know the one where you hope to achieve the look of the fitness girl on the cover of the magazine. That takes major discipline. Focusing on being fit and healthy rather than achieving a certain look can be freeing!

I realized about 10 years later that yes, I may be a little stubborn!  I didn’t need to compete with anyone else, only myself and what “healthy” and whole looks like for me. I started to focus on where I am in this moment rather than what I’m not .

What are your motives behind being healthy? The truth is that we will always be changing and growing. The challenge is if we are going to enjoy the journey.  Making small adjustments to your diet and exercise program is key.

Taking out the foods that aren’t making you feel good and replacing them with whole foods that will not only rev your metabolism, but will also give you great energy and revitalize your skin!  So this month let’s focus on making small exchanges rather than taking everything out at once. This will also prepare you for the next post!

A great place to start would be with our thoughts by replacing negative frustrating thoughts with life filled sustaining thoughts!

Awake each morning and be thankful for this day. I am blessed in this day and in the fruits of my body!

Honor your body by fueling it with power packed nutrients.

Portion control is key; moderation creates balance. We don’t have to complicate this. Stay tuned for the next post where I will be providing sample food plans and will be posting new recipes for you all to try and keep you on track.

Here’s to your healthy, happy ,whole new you!

Enjoy your journey….

Lots of Love,