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The key to lasting results from exercise

The key to lasting results from exerciserunning-573762__180

How to get lasting results from exercise may seem like an obvious answer, keep working out, duh! Well as easy as that may sound putting it into practice everyday can be a challenge.

I know we all want to find that one exercise that when we do it(whatever that is) we get some magical weight loss or toned hard body in only ten minutes a day.

If we focus too much on the weight loss we can get discouraged quickly and sometimes that drives us to put expectations on ourselves that we can’t keep long term.

I am sure if that was possible we would stand on our head or do whatever it took in just 10 minutes a day to get that desired result, right? Exercise can be hard work, I know and it can seem like a four letter word for some.

When you think about exercise, do you just get tired thinking about it? Do you find every reason in the world to talk yourself out of it? Does dread and a big sigh come along after you think about how to get a workout in for the day?

If you answered yes to all these questions, then it is time to change your mindset about working out, and to find something you love doing! Think about this, when you were a kid what excited you?

Being outdoors, riding bikes, walking through trails, shooting hoops,playing sports, swimming? We all had things that we did as kids, that got our heart rate up and we had a blast doing it, right?

 It was no chore to sweat and play with our friends for hours was it? You were burning so many calories it may have been hard to keep weight on. This is my challenge for you today my friend. Think about what type of playing (exercise) you can do as an adult?

If you have to, then try something different every week or day(depending on your time) until you find something you love. It will be worth it! Runners, love to run. I do not like running, therefore I have never been committed to it for any length of time.

 If you are not enjoying the activity, but doing it out of pure self will then it just won’t last. This is the key to get lasting results from your exercise is to find something you enjoy and have the mindset of playing, pleasure, and enjoyment.

No matter how good your intentions, when it comes to exercise, you will be much more likely to have lasting results if you enjoy what you are doing.

Sure there will be days when we just have to discipline ourselves to get some sort of a workout, but finding something you love will help you look forward to it and have some fun as well as being committed and consistent.

Please leave a reply if you have any suggestions of  an exercise that you find fun and that you look forward to.

Stay encouraged friend there is something out there you will enjoy and it will be the key to lasting results!

To your health,

Jenay Green

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Motivation for a Healthy Lifestyle

Motivation for a Healthy Lifestylejump-493889__180

My friend, we all need motivation in our lives at times . Do not let that make you feel bad. We need each other in this journey.

I know you want to be healthy, right? O.K. and most of us have a pretty good idea of what it takes to have a healthy lifestyle. So what is stopping you from making the right choices?

Do you feel as if you have failed so many times before, so then what is the point? That is the enemy’s voice wanting you to feel hopeless, and we have all felt that in some area of life!

What is going on in your life today that may be overwhelming you? Do you feel like, “I just can’t’?” Get some quiet time and take an inventory of your life today.

Is there some unresolved issue, a broken relationship, or an unhealthy mindset?

These are all things that can hinder your progress in developing a healthy lifestyle. We all face challenges, but unresolved areas can prevent us from moving forward and can wreak havoc on our health as well.

A healthy lifestyle begins with a healthy spirit and soul. Your mind, will, and emotions (soul) play a major role on the health of your body. For more details on this pick up a copy of my book “A Battle Plan For Cancer”.

It is a decision to create a healthy lifestyle for yourself, but it can be the hardest thing to stick to and not be double minded.

I know we have all said this, I will start on Monday. Then Monday arrives, and then we have a big, fat excuse! The first thing you need to do today is figure out your ‘why’!

 Why do I want to live a healthy lifestyle? Put your ‘why’ on a piece of paper and keep it before you. If you have several ‘whys’, then put them throughout your house, reminders on your phone, etc.

Decide on your why. It may be, I am going to be a better wife, so my husband reaps the benefits, and we will have a healthier marriage as a result. Sometimes we are more motivated, if it helps someone else!

Once you have made a decision then make a list of how you will accomplish this goal.

1. Walking with a buddy

2.Riding bikes with the kids

3. Rollerblading with the family

3.Eating more vegetables and fruits

4. Getting more sleep

5. Going to bed earlier 

6. Getting a sabbath rest

7. Praying and spending more time with God

8. Finding healthy dessert recipes

9. Planning meals ahead

10. Packing a cooler(so I am never anywhere without a healthy) 

If you found any of this information as motivation for a healthy lifestyle , pay it forward by sharing with others. Also leave a reply below and be a part of motivating another. What has worked for you?

To your health,

Jenay Green


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