Do You Have A Toxic Liver?

Do You Have A Toxic Liver?liver

Most of us take better care of our cars than we do our bodies. We change the oil in our vehicles on a regular basis unless we want our cars to tear up, right?

Most of us don’t think twice about neglecting our bodies filter(our liver) for an entire lifetime. This makes no sense because cars can be replaced, but we only get one body!

Your liver is designed to detoxify and cleanse itself ,but the liver can easily be over burdened and kept from performing its procedures with the toxic environment and our lifestyle choices.

A toxic liver can lead to all kinds of health problems including cancer. A person with a congested liver is usually a highly allergic person and eventually can become allergic to almost everything.

If the liver is not filtering properly then molecules end up in the bloodstream that should not be there. Slowly but surely your body will end up reacting to everything.

If you have a toxic liver then you may have digestive problems, gallbladder problems,increased cholesterol and more.

As the blood becomes thick with fat, vessels become clogged, as vessels become clogged then blood pressure goes up.

Your kidneys are like a third liver and will take up the role. In most cases you will need to cleanse the liver and kidneys as well.

Blood pressure meds can also cause problems for the kidneys according to the Encyclopedia of pragmatic medicine.

Some of the obvious poisons that your liver is forced to filter are alcohol, drugs, and, cigarettes, but prescription drugs, 100% cooked diet, and processed food are also culprits.

Bad water,chlorine, too much protein, preservatives and additives like nitrates can also add to the problem. I recommend the Berkey water filter. It is the best I have found for the money!

Some liver cleansing foods you can add to your diet are garlic,onions, kale, broccoli, brussel sprouts, red peppers, cabbage,beets, asparagus,and egg yolks.

Once you begin eliminating the toxins and adding clean foods to your diet you will begin to cleanse.You may feel worse before you feel better. Old symptoms may resurface when the body begins to heal. 

For steps on cleansing your liver I recommend this protocol by Dr. Axe. Following a lifestyle of clean eating and exercise and treating our bodies the way God intended will equip our bodies to work and function properly.

I believe another reason God called us to fast is because of the cleansing and health benefits it gives us as well as spiritual. Here is an article I wrote with the health benefits of fasting.

Do you have the symptoms of a toxic liver? Have you ever done a liver cleanse? If so, did it help eliminate the symptoms you were experiencing?

I challenge you adopt clean eating habits, exercise, proper rest, and good supplementation for the next 90 days and report how you feel!

To Your Health,

Jenay Green

sources: The Encyclopedia Of Pragmatic Medicine

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