NO EXCUSES! GET HEALTHY!

Today Is the the day. You have a fresh start today and it is time to put aside every excuse. We make excuses every day for the things we do not accomplish. I do not have time to exercise, I can not afford a gym membership, I can not afford to eat healthy, my family will not eat if I cook that way…..etc. Whatever the excuse, No excuses get healthy!

As a wife and mother of four boys from 5 to 16, I know the daily challenges of finding time. The thing about it is we all find time for what is really important to us. Being healthy for your family is just as important as doing it for your own reasons. You will be more productive in everything you do when you are healthy.

The road to better health consists of many challenges in the world we live in today. The reality is that it is hard. It takes effort and there is no quick fix. This society is a microwave society, Give it to me now and fast because I do not have time to wait. This idea of a quick fix and being healthy are not one in the same. The only fast food that equals healthy is what I like to call Gods fast food, and it is called fruit and veggies!

Restaurants are getting on board with finding healthier options, but nothing beats fresh home cooked meals. The money you could save by eating at home could give you the extra to make healthier purchases. Learn to be creative and get the kids involved. Let them pick out a new vegetable at the store and try new ways to cook them. No excuses, get healthy!

Having a budget and eating healthy is also a challenge. Find what is on sale that week and plan meals around that. Aldi has grass fed beef for a reasonable price. I may buy less meat so I can buy the grass fed beef then make a larger serving of beans or a vegetable your family enjoys.The junk food is what we over eat and get addicted to so we can save money by buying less junk food.

 Exercise does not have to be done in a gym! I have worked out at home since I closed my gym, be creative and make exercise fun. Play with your kids! Ride bikes, race with them, jump on a trampoline, get out and play sports. If you hate exercise it is because you have not found anything fun. Find something you love to do and it will make it enjoyable.

Do not let time be an excuse not to exercise. You can find ways to muti-task. Squats while brushing your teeth or waiting on your food to cook. Do not get caught up in finding 30 minutes or an hour just squeeze in 5 or ten minutes throughout your day. No excuses, get healthy!

Share what works for you and join the conversation.

To your health,

Jenay Green

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