Chemicals Lurking In Your Feminine Products?

Chemicals Lurking In Your Feminine Products?

This is not a topic that is brought up very often. In fact I had never heard anything about it until I recently started researching to help a dear friend suffering from Endometriosis.

Chemicals lurking in my feminine products had never even crossed my mind, but since your skin is the largest organ and absorbs what you put on it directly into your bloodstream it makes sense.

Knowing this, you should not put anything on your skin that is not safe to ingest, right? How often do you consider the ingredients in the products you use topically? I thought about creams, lotions, soaps, etc,but never a pad or tampon.

Your vaginal wall is very permeable, so absorbs very easily what is exposed to it.

We are exposed to dioxins in our environment and the EPA(environmental protection agency) states that any level of exposure can cause adverse effects to our health.

Knowing this we can at least minimize the exposure by eliminating products containing dioxins. A women uses an average of 16,800 tampons in a lifetime, so your exposure over a lifetime can really add up!

Synthetics and plastics can trap heat and dampness and promote the growth of yeast and bacteria in the vaginal area. Take a look at this video on Dr. Mercola’s website to see the first hand the chemicals in the pads.

Risks associated with the absorption of dioxins can include cancer, immune functions, increase the risks for inflammatory pelvic disease, endocrine and hormonal disruption, and endometriosis to name a few.

When I shared this information with my friend, she took heed to replace her sanitary products with chemical free ones. Some of her symptoms of the endometriosis began to subside.

The better we take care of our bodies, the more efficient the body will eliminate these toxins. Take a look at this past article I wrote on fasting and how beneficial it can be for cleansing your body.

Alternatives are out there for replacing these products. Here is a popular replacement that many are finding helpful.

Have you experienced any of the adverse effects listed above? I challenge you to make the switch and report back any changes in 90 days!

To Your Health,

Jenay Green

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