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I started  implementing Jenay’s recommended nutrition and exercise. I was thoroughly impressed and saw results after only a few days.  My skin was glowing & looked smooth….I also felt rested and that has been a struggle over the years to sleep soundly.  I have always been a person who tries to take good care of their  body from inside out.

Kara Call








With this nutrition, I got relief from PMS symptoms, sinus/allergies, and stress relief from my kids!  I also trained for a 80 mile, 11 day hike in New Mexico, elevation 6000-12,000 ft, put the nutrition in my back pack. I thoroughly loved the hike! I recovered everyday of the trip(Guys around me were poppin’ Motrin like M&M’s for pain but not me).

Rozanne Ritter San Antonio, FL








My name is Wanda Haulk.  I had worked for the Loganville post office for 10 years. At that time I was tired run down, stressed out, and had high blood pressure, female issues, breathing problems, and was praying for something.

I knew the Lord had something out there for me in my family.  At that time. I wanted to be home with my family full- time too. What a blessing when he showed me great nutrition.

I am no longer bothered by stress, I feel good, and have more energy.  My female issues are 95% better, and my breathing is 98% improved.  Melissa’s seasonal allergies have been 98% improved,  no breathing treatments or steroids.
My husband Scott’s kidney stone problems are 99% improved praise God! Since my prayers were answered,  the Lord allowed me to come home from the post office and share part time around my family,  part time around Victory Baptist school , and to be there in the important times of my daughter’s life. I serve an awesome God!
Wanda Haulk


. I owned my own wellness center at the time and was bombarded with an array of nutritional supplements.

I was very healthy, but understood the importance of prevention.

I noticed after starting this nutrition that I had more endurance for my workouts as well as more sustained energy throughout my day.

My oldest son got relief from severe constipation issues as well as strep throat he used to get every winter. My son that was a year old when we started and soon saw relief with allergies and infections.

When we went back for a well check the doctor said this was the best blood work he had seen in a kid his age and whatever I was doing nutritionally I got an A+ and I needed to keep it up!

I used it as a prenatal with my last two pregnancies when I was ten years older and had them 1 year apart, so should have been harder on me. These were my best pregnancies by far. I did not have the high blood pressure issues that I had with my first two pregnancies. I also gained half the amount of weight and felt great up to the day I delivered my last two babies.  When we feed our bodies great nutrtion, it amazing what happens.  For more information contact me.





Jenay Green


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