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My 6 year old son has been having repetitive movements or vocal repetitiveness  (tics) for several years. He began with blinking and shoulder and neck movements. We later found out he had a seizure disorder and after beginning the medicine began to have vocal tics also.  If you know anyone who suffers from this, you know it is heartbreaking as they will tell you they “cannot help.”  It’s like their body had a mind of its own.  I had researched diets and triggers to try to find something to help. Jenay instructed us to take the lunasin. We began taking the lunasin at 1 capsule in the morning and 1 at night and the tics showed some improvement. After a week We then went to 4 a day ( 2 in the morning & 2 at night). and the tics continued to  decreased. After 2 weeks he does not have any pronounced tics. We will continue with 4 capsules a day. What a blessing! Tics no longer have control over my son’s life!  Thank you reliv!
Nesha Tullis



I started using Reliv products almost 15 years ago and implementing Jenay’s nutritional plans and exercise.  One of my ultimate favorites is the Reverse Age.  I was thoroughly impressed and saw results after only a few days.  My skin was glowing & looked smooth….I also felt rested and that has been a struggle over the years to sleep soundly.  I have always been a person who tries to take good care of their total body from inside out.  These products really work and over time help you create lifestyle changes that keep you youthful, energetic and your body strong.  Jenay has compassion for helping others and will work with you individually to make sure you are taking the products that work best for you and your overall health needs.  There are so many great products to choose from….stick with them and you won’t be disappointed!

Kara Call










Before Reliv I thought I was healthy. I was a former volleyball player and current Chef. I knew about eating right and take care of myself. What did I need Reliv for?

In 2007 I threw out my back so badly that I couldn’t walk, stand, or lay down. I was in constant pain. I went to visit a chiropractor and it was at this time in Oct. 2007 that I was diagnosed with degenerative disks in my lower back.

 The doctor told me that all they could do was manage the pain. I was 29 years old and had signed up to run a full marathon in Jan. 2008.

I committed to my Reliv shakes. In January 2008 I ran my first marathon, 26.2 miles, and I did it pain free. I had no back pain, little fatigue in my legs, and was walking Kennedy Space Center the next day.

7 years later I am still pain free, I rarely visit my chiropractor and I am healthier today than when I was in my twenties training for volleyball. My body runs on Reliv.

Chef Katrina van Oudheusden

When my husband, Cary and I, first heard about Reliv in 1996, I really knew this was an answer to prayer for health of both of us. I believed in supplementation but Reliv made it very easy get all the vitamins we needed.
Two shakes a day and I didn’t have to figure out the next greatest ingredient to take. I wanted prevention the kind that keeps you away from colds and flu. I knew I would be going threw menopause in the future and didn’t want to feel those symptoms like other women were going through.
Women on Reliv were thriving! I did get those results and more. I got relief from PMS symptoms, sinus/allergies, and stress relief from my kids! I felt like a good mom again
. I also trained for a 80mile, 11day hike in New Mexico, elevation 6000-12,000ft, put Reliv in my back pack. I thoroughly loved the hike! I recovered everyday of the trip(Guys around me were poppin’ Motrin like M&M’s for pain but not me)
. A few years prior to this trip, I herniated a disc in my lower back and still carried a 45lb backpack. A doctor had diagnosed knee pain as arthritis two years prior and still hiked 80miles with no pain. Reliv is a part of my day for the rest of my life!
My husband, Cary, and I, started the business at the same time we got started on the products. We came in at the profit level because we wanted to earn the most while learning how to do this business. We relied on the support that was given to us to get started and realized we were never alone.
Around two small children, our income was $300-500 a month. Within 9 months, it grew to $2,000. We have earned as much as $8,000 a month. We have been invited into the Ambassador Program because one form of income was $4,000 for two consecutive months. We have 6 all expense trips with Reliv. We love watching people’s lives change with their health and with their finances!

Rozanne Ritter San Antonio, FL








Hi…My name is Audra Turner, I am 49 years old and a mother of 3.  I started using Reliv 10 years ago when I was struggling with Cholesterol Levels and the Doctors wanted to start me on medication.

Once I started taking the product I noticed right away that I had increased energy that sustained me through the day and I was sleeping better.  After a few months I noticed my cravings for junk food had gone away and I went to the Doctor for a physical.

The Doctor said my Cholesterol had gone from 233 to 165 and said to keep doing what I was doing and so I did not have to go on Cholesterol medication.  Since then I have continued to maintain my Cholesterol levels without medication and I don’t have viruses and Sinus Infections like I used to…my immune system just gets stronger and stronger.

Reliv doesn’t make any claims to cure, it is just good nutrition for the body that allows it to heal itself like God intended for it to do.

Audra Turner


My name is Wanda Haulk. My daughter , Melissa, is in the 11th grade at Victory Baptist School. I had worked for the Loganville post office for 10 years. At that time I was tired run down, stressed out, and had high blood pressure, female issues, breathing problems, and was praying for something for cancer prevention.

I knew the Lord had something out there for me in my family.  AT that time. I wanted to be home with my family full- time too. What a blessing when he showed me this wonderful product and company called Reliv 10 years ago!

I am no longer bothered by stress, I feel good, and have more energy. My doctor even took me off my blood pressure. My female issues are 95% better, and my breathing is 98% improved. Also, I know that I’m taking the best form of cancer prevention. Melissa’s seasonal allergies have been 98% improved,  no breathing treatments are steroids.
My husband Scott kidney stone problems are 99% improved praise God! Since my prayers were answered,  the Lord allowed me to come home from the post office and share this hope of Reliv , part time around my family,  part time around Victory Baptist school , and to be there in the important time of my daughter’s life. I serve an awesome God!
Wanda Haulk
Independent Reliv DistributorWanda




My personal testimony with the reliv product starts over 11 years ago. I owned my own wellness center at the time and was bombarded with idea of selling an array of nutritional supplements. I had tried so many different things I did not expect reliv to be any different that anything else I had tried.

I listened to some amazing testimonials and thought if half of this is true it may be what I have been praying for! I was very healthy, but understood the importance of prevention, and knew you could invest into your health now, or pay for doctor bills, meds, and hospital stays later.

I noticed after starting the reliv nutrition that I had more edurance for my workouts as well as more sustained energy throughout my day.  Fast forward to today and the stomach bug I caught every winter season I have not had since I began this nutrition over 11 years ago!

My oldest son got relief from sever constipation issues as well as strep throat he used to get every winter. My son that was a year ole when we started the products had chronic allergies and ear infections. Doctors wanted to have tubes put in his ears, but I decided to wait and test the power of this nutrition.

He never had to have the surgery, allergies are 90% improved and when we went back for a well check the doctor said this was the best blood work he had seen in a kid his age and whatever I was doing nutritionally I got an A+ and I needed to keep it up!

I used it as a prenatal with my last two pregnancies when I was ten years older and had them 1 year apart, so should have been harder on me. These were my best pregnancies by far. I did not have the high blood pressure issues that I had with my first two pregnancies. I also gained half the amount of weight and felt great up to the day I delivered my last two babies.

They did not suffer from the ear infections and sicknesses my oldest two did, they have both only been on one antibiotic in their lives and they are 6 and 7. They have been super healthy and our family will never be without this great nutrition. If you would like to get started on this great nutrition today with a 100% money back guarantee contact me

Disclaimer: Reliv does not claim to diagnose, cure, heal, or prevent any disease.









Jenay Green



Jenay Green is the wife of Matt Green and mother of four boys. She is a former owner of a gym/wellness center. Her calling from God has driven her passion to see people walk in divine health. Jenay has been trained in the area of fitness and nutrition but also has researched and prayed for well over 17 years in search of answers to some of our greatest health challenges including cancer. Her goal is to see people walk in divine health in accordance to III John :2 "Beloved I wish above all things that thou may prosper and be in health, even as thy soul prospers."

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