3 amazing healthy salad recipes

3 Amazing healthy salad recipes 001

I know you want to eat healthier, and like the rest of us, you want your food to taste great as well. If you eat a lot of salad already that is fantastic, but I know you get bored of the same thing all the time, so I am going to show you 3 amazing healthy salad recipes.

Finding ways to get enough vegetables can be a challenge, I know, but there is no better way to get a variety of vegetables in your daily meals than in salads. You may be surprised by this, but there are plenty of salads that are not healthy. read more

5 simple steps for safe weight loss

5 simple steps for safe weight lossfitness-woman-drinking-water-beach-running-thirsty-sport-runner-resting-taking-break-bottle-drink-outside-31969906

If you are like most people, you are always looking for a way to drop a few pounds, right? If you are still looking for that magical solution that does not require some hard work and patience on your part, then let me know when you find it!

If you have seen, heard, and tried every fad diet that has crossed your path, then you are like millions of other women! I know you want to look good and be healthy, so here are 5 simple steps for safe weight loss.

1. Increase lean muscle mass read more

How to Build a Better Smoothie

How to Build a Better Smoothie008

When building a smoothie, you want to consider a couple of things. You want to get good nutrition and  make it taste great at the same time. These two combinations can be a challenge until you find the right balance.

I love to eat, and I want my food to taste good.I also want to be healthy, but I still want my food to taste good. I have experimented for years with smoothies and will go over a recipe that I really enjoy. I will explain–step by step–how I build a better smoothie/juice. read more

Quick tips for fasting

Quick tips for fastingquick tips on fasting

At the beginning of the year a lot of people choose to break bad habits and begin healthy ones. Fasting is a commonly known practice dating back to biblical times.Fasting is done for a variety of reasons including, to discipline ourselves. I believe God has miraculous benefits in mind with fasting.

The thought of fasting can seem scary for a lot of people, especially who may not have any experience with it. A fast is something I believe you should pray about personally to get direction on why and how. Make sure before you begin fasting that you have a plan outlined. This will help you to not give up or divert from the original plan. read more

How to improve health with Pumpkin

                                        How to improve health with Pumpkin

If you are looking for a variety of foods to add to your diet to improve health pumpkin is a great addition They are in season and can be used in many different recipes. Pumpkins are rich in a host of vitamins and minerals that contribute to improved health.

Pumpkins are rich in disease fighting antioxidants.  For radiant skin not only can you ad pumpkin to your diet but it can be used as a mask on your face.

Pumpkins contain a high level of vitamin c which is great for helping protect yourself against the cold and flu season. Pumpkins may also play a role in cancer prevention. With the fatty acids that pumpkin seeds contain as well as them being free of saturated fat and cholesterol they are a heart healthy food. read more

Want riches for your health?

Want riches for your health?

I titled this video blog Riches for your health, because this single product produces amazing health benefits.

By consuming raw apple cider vinegar on a daily basis is a great way to have riches for your health.

Bragg has made it so simple for us to have plenty of great ways to incorporate this product into our every day diet. If you have struggled with the taste or smell being to strong we may have your answers in this video.

Click on link here to purchase the products we reviewed in this video. Some of the Bragg products can also be found at your local grocery or health food store. read more

5 simple at home exercises

10 Simple at home exercises

If your like most people you are looking for ways to improve your health. In our fast pace world we all feel as if we do not have enough time in our day. Finding the time to exercise is one of the main complaints I here from clients.

I am a busy wife and mom of four and know this personally. Being a trainer and nutrition coach I am still looking for the solution. You just have to fit it in where you can. These are 10 simple exercises you can do at home on a tight schedule.


Squats are easily one of the  best simple exercises you can do at home. You are using the largest muscle therefore burning more fat. You can use your own body weight and just do them until your legs are on fire. You will build lean muscle mass and burn more calories around the clock. It does not take long and squats get the job done.You can do them while brushing your teeth, watching your T.V. show, or outside watching your kids play. read more

Game changer for getting healthy and weight loss

Game changer for getting healthy and weight loss

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This miracle is an absolute game changer for your health and your weight loss. Raw apple cider vinegar has been proven and hailed for all its amazing health benefits for thousands of years.

My grandmother has always sworn by the results and has seen it work for her for the last 50 years. Patricia Braggs is the picture of health and is a great example of someone who has walked the walk. I use the Braggs brand and this is one of my favorite mutli purpose items in my pantry.

With the western diet being primarily dairy, meats, and sugar, which are all very acidic in the body. This is an environment where disease breeds.The alkalining effect of raw apple cider vinegar can be very helpful in balancing our bodies ph. read more

Juicing benefits for health and weight loss

Juicing benefits for health and weight loss

blogging 002
I am so excited to share some of the amazing benefits I have personally experienced from juicing for my health and weight loss. I have been in the nutrition and fitness industry for 20 years.I have tried so many different things to attain better health and weight loss.

Through an organic living foods lifestyle workshop and researching the health benefits of juicing I have become a big fan.

When I first began juicing I used a old style juicer that was very time consuming. I used a lot of food to receive very little juice in comparison.I have found since a much easier, less time consuming, more economical way to juice. I use the nutribullet. This is so simple, easy to clean, and you use every ounce of food you put in. read more

Wanted: Healthy eating habits

Wanted: Healthy eating habits

this way to healthy eating habits
The older I get the more important it is for me to have healthy eating habits. As a personal trainer and nutrition coach I know exactly what I am supposed to eat. Knowing it and doing it are two entirely different things right?

I can say the more I focus on the benefits of healthy eating and the more I read and research the more excited I get about eating healthy. I would challenge you to really study all the amazing benefits of healthy eating. My motto is to eat food as close to the way that God put it here as possible. So fresh fruits, vegetables, and raw nuts are a great choice. read more