3 amazing healthy salad recipes

3 Amazing healthy salad recipes 001

I know you want to eat healthier, and like the rest of us, you want your food to taste great as well. If you eat a lot of salad already that is fantastic, but I know you get bored of the same thing all the time, so I am going to show you 3 amazing healthy salad recipes.

Finding ways to get enough vegetables can be a challenge, I know, but there is no better way to get a variety of vegetables in your daily meals than in salads. You may be surprised by this, but there are plenty of salads that are not healthy. read more

How to Build a Better Smoothie

How to Build a Better Smoothie008

When building a smoothie, you want to consider a couple of things. You want to get good nutrition and  make it taste great at the same time. These two combinations can be a challenge until you find the right balance.

I love to eat, and I want my food to taste good.I also want to be healthy, but I still want my food to taste good. I have experimented for years with smoothies and will go over a recipe that I really enjoy. I will explain–step by step–how I build a better smoothie/juice. read more

Quick tips for fasting

Quick tips for fastingquick tips on fasting

At the beginning of the year a lot of people choose to break bad habits and begin healthy ones. Fasting is a commonly known practice dating back to biblical times.Fasting is done for a variety of reasons including, to discipline ourselves. I believe God has miraculous benefits in mind with fasting.

The thought of fasting can seem scary for a lot of people, especially who may not have any experience with it. A fast is something I believe you should pray about personally to get direction on why and how. Make sure before you begin fasting that you have a plan outlined. This will help you to not give up or divert from the original plan. read more

Health benefits of fasting

Health benefits of fasting health benefits of fasting

There are a number of proven health benefits with fasting. If you go back to biblical times fasting is a practice that God required of His people.There was no scientific evidence at that time of the physical benefits, people just obeyed what God asked of them.

Throughout scriptures there are references of godly men as well as Jesus Christ fasting. It was a spiritual discipline that God used to bring His children closer to him. They denied their flesh and got answers, direction, and wisdom from God. read more

How to stay fit during the holidays

                                           How to stay fit during the holidays

How to stay fit during the holidays is a challenge we all have to face. Here are a few tips to keep you on track this year!  With all the festivities it is easy to find an excuse to eat anything and everything. The Christmas season is only once a year so I should enjoy it right? This is true, you should enjoy it, but go ahead and set some parameters.

 Planning ahead is a key to staying fit during the holidays. When you know you will be attending a holiday party plan light meals for the rest of the day. A protein shake for breakfast and a big salad for lunch. Make sure that you eat a little something before you attend, because if you are starving you will overeat! read more

Want riches for your health?

Want riches for your health?

I titled this video blog Riches for your health, because this single product produces amazing health benefits.

By consuming raw apple cider vinegar on a daily basis is a great way to have riches for your health.

Bragg has made it so simple for us to have plenty of great ways to incorporate this product into our every day diet. If you have struggled with the taste or smell being to strong we may have your answers in this video.

Click on link here to purchase the products we reviewed in this video. Some of the Bragg products can also be found at your local grocery or health food store. read more

How to use Apple cider vinegar

How to use Apple cider vinegar blogging 005

Bragg’s Apple cider vinegar is one of those products that has many uses. My family has greatly benefited from the use and I am a sold out believer in Apple cider vinegar.

I have had a lot of people ask questions on the ways to apply the many uses of the apple cider vinegar so I have created a video to cover some of the frequently asked questions.

Be sure to join in and comment by adding your personal testimonies on how you applied this information or new ideas that may not have been covered. It is always fascinating to me to hear of all the benefits people are receiving from using apple cider vinegar. read more

Simple ways to add vegetables to your diet

Simple ways to add vegetables to your dietblogging 002

For some this is easy and takes no creativity and for others finding ways to enjoy vegetables is a challenge. The first step is trying a variety of vegetables. Your taste buds do change and just because you did not enjoy a certain veggie as a kid does not mean you will not like it now.

Another way is to try several different ways of cooking a certain veggie. You may hate something raw and really enjoy it cooked or masked in a smoothie. For example the taste of kale is strong and bitter so many do not care for it raw, but if you mix it in a smoothie with fruit you do not taste it. read more

A staple in the Mediterranean diet for better health

A staple in the Mediterranean diet for better health

With heart disease being the #1 cause of death in our country and cancer not far behind it is wise to take note of the differences in our diets in comparison to those countries who have far less incidences.

The people in countries consuming the Mediterranean diet are noted for lower heart disease and cancer death rates. A staple in the Mediterranean diet is olive oil.

Olive oil has been used for centuries with a track record that deserves recognition. The monosaturated fat found in olive oil can help control insulin and lower cholesterol. It also helps keep the arteries clear so the heart can receive oxygen and nutrients. read more

Simple step for better health and younger skin

Simple step for better health and younger skinsimple step

Our bodies are made up of around 70% water. Water is essential to all life. Yet I hear so many people complain about not liking water.

Think about how blessed we are not only to have clean drinking water in this country, but to have as much as we want everyday. Use lemon, lime, or fruit to change up the flavor. You can come to love it and crave it. I prefer water and it is a habit I formed.

Water is crucial in maintaining balance of body fluids for digestion, absorption, circulation, and creation of saliva. It transports nutrients and maintains body temperature. read more