How to get crazy motivated to work out!

How to get crazy motivated to work out!How to get crazy motivated to work out

You may be thinking, nothing will get me crazy motivated to work out, but I challenge you to read this article and re-think that. Working out has a list of health benefits that are virtually endless.

First of all ,working out decreases risk of heart disease.  February being heart health month this is a great time to do your heart a favor and get moving! Exercise can help lower blood pressure as well as cholesterol. I have known people to have elevated blood pressure and retake it after a workout and it have come down. read more

Got tummy trouble? Try this!

  Got tummy trouble? Try this!

In this country today we are plagued with digestive issues. We are greatly affected by our Standard American diet. I have always heard it said that our health starts in our gut. What we are able to absorb as nutrients and eliminate as waste is crucial to the state of our health.

Over the years I have heard numerous complaints from clients about chronic constipation. If you listen most people they either feel bloated, constipated, or gassy all the time. Royalty society of medicine reports over 90% of diseases are a result of an infected digestive tract. read more

How to improve health with Pumpkin

                                        How to improve health with Pumpkin

If you are looking for a variety of foods to add to your diet to improve health pumpkin is a great addition They are in season and can be used in many different recipes. Pumpkins are rich in a host of vitamins and minerals that contribute to improved health.

Pumpkins are rich in disease fighting antioxidants.  For radiant skin not only can you ad pumpkin to your diet but it can be used as a mask on your face.

Pumpkins contain a high level of vitamin c which is great for helping protect yourself against the cold and flu season. Pumpkins may also play a role in cancer prevention. With the fatty acids that pumpkin seeds contain as well as them being free of saturated fat and cholesterol they are a heart healthy food. read more

Pertinent information for better Health

Pertinent information for better Health

You would be surprised by how many of the symptoms that you may be experiencing may subside with this one important mineral.Magnesium is a mineral that is crucial for optimal health but very few of us get enough of it.

It is estimated that 80% of Americans are deficient in magnesium. Magnesium tends to be more scarce in our modern food supply. A hundred years ago we may have received around 500 milligrams and now we are lucky if we get 200 milligrams. Since the suggested DV is 400 milligrams it is a good idea to supplement. read more

Simple ways to improve heart health

Simple ways to improve heart healthSimple ways to improve heart health starts with the choices we make daily. It is your heart and your job to protect it. Heart disease is the number one killer in this country and our lifestyle choices play a huge role in reducing this risk.

One of the simple ways to improve heart health is by exercise.You only need around 3 to 4 times a week of 20-30 minutes a day to improve heart health. Cardiovascular exercise is more effective for your heart health but it is important to do both cardiovascular and strength training. read more