A Battle Plan For Cancer


Battle Plan

“A Battle Plan For Cancer” is my first book in the Battle Plan book series. This book lays out a battle plan for those who are facing the battle of cancer, but applies to anyone facing any battle in life.

This book was written over years of researching, praying, and seeking answers for those fighting cancer and sickness in general This book includes a personal testimonial of a healing that I received with a breast lump, as well as other testimonials of victory over their personal battles with cancer.

My goal as a writer is to encourage all who read this book and see God personally touch them in whatever area that they need it the most. “A Battle Plan For Cancer” covers the importance of having health of the spirit, soul, and physical body and how each one will have an affect on the health of the other.

If your soul is sick(mind, will, and emotions) that can actually cause a manifestation of physical symptoms. Hosea 4:6 states” My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge.” Since we are spirit, soul, and body, it is important to address all parts of our being for complete healing.

I have a personal passion and calling to see people walk in divine health. This has united me with God’s heart for those who are hurting and helping be a part of finding solutions. This is what inspires me to blog as well as write books.

Be sure to get a copy today for yourself, but remember this would also be a great gift to anyone who needs encouragement today!

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“Hi, my name is Audra Turner and I would like to pass along a book review on “A Battle Plan For Cancer”, by Carmon J Green.  First of all for some background, I have known Jenay Green, the author, for 10 years now. I met her at her gym she used to own.  I noticed right away her compassion for not only helping others with fitness, but also with nutrition and that it was backed up by scripture from the Bible about how we were honoring God by taking care of the one body he gave us.  Jenay was always encouraging others as well as praying for them for whatever health needs or illnesses they might be battling with and she continues to share her wisdom of fitness and nutrition through her Blog.  Needless to say, I was very excited to hear when she published her book, “A Battle Plan For Cancer”.  This was a way for her to reach people that she might not ever been able to help otherwise.
I have read “A Battle Plan For Cancer” and am reminded of the reason God has placed this desire in Jenay’s heart to continue sharing her wisdom, experiences and compassion to help others, because it is not just about a healthier lifestyle, but making sure that it all points back to God.   One of the ways Jenay shares her wisdom of fitness and nutrition is by the example of how she lives her life.  Even though Jenay is compassionate about helping others through her knowledge of fitness and nutrition, she knows who ultimately the Almighty Healer is and that is God.  She reveals her own battle of fear when she discovered a lump on herself…this truly showed her faith in God because even though she has a great knowledge of fitness and nutrition and applies that to her own life, there was a reason she was not being healed from this lump… and it was not until her husband prayed for her that God removed the lump!   It is evident through this book that Jenay not only wants to help others heal their body through a healthier lifestyle of better nutrition and fitness but to draw closer to God as they do so.”  —Audra Turner, reader

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