Cleansing with lymphatic drainage

New Year- New You!
Treat Yourself with Lymphatic Drainage Massage
By: Angela Arnold

The lymphatic system is a series of vessels that come to meet into a small knot referred to as the node. These vessels and nodes are all over your body and serve to keep infections and diseases at bay as well as reduce healing time and swelling.

Everyone has heard of the lymph node, but it is important to
understand what they do and why they need to be drained. In a word, right along with the kidneys and liver, your lymph nodes help to rid your body of the trash in your system.

And when the trash can is full, it stops working properly. Time to take out the trash!
The node is an intricate network of vessels that fill up with fluid. Most of these nodes are just under the skin and can be self-drained with some light massage techniques.

However, if you are wanting to start the New Year with a new body, you may also consider scheduling a massage to treat yourself. Be sure to ask specifically for a Lymph Node Drainage Massage also referred to as a Lymphatic Massage

. Some Physical Therapy practices offer this service and after having previously been a Masseuse and having worked in Physical Therapy, I would advocate for seeing a professional Lymphatic Drainage Therapist for a consultation. However, it is not completely necessary- but great this time of year to combat the cold and flu!

If you really want to treat yourself, you will love Lymphatic Drainage facials. Contact your local spa as any professional Esthetician will provide this service. One of my favorite resources that gives a generous amount of detail on the lymphatic system and why draining is so important is:
Lymphatic Drainage Benefits include:
o Increase of lymph fluid flow boosting immunity functions
o Increase in energy and vitality
o Faster healing for sport and non-sport related injuries
o Reduces scars and effects of leathering from burns
o Reduces inflammation in the face leaving you looking awake and vibrant. Also reduces puffy bags under the eye.
o Inspires tissue regeneration which can greatly reduce the effects of Edema and Lymphedema
o Can greatly limit or end dizziness and vertigo.

Self-Care Draining your lymph nodes should be done with a light touch. It is not a deep massage which can only further to reduce flow if too much pressure is applied. Always begin your self-care in the Supraclavicular area which is right around your collar bone. Then you will move to the axillary (head) area and then down to your elbows.

For demonstration I really prefer video presentations. For example, Self-Lymph
Drainage; This is an excellent place to begin your self-care.

Another great resource which covers the entire body and further explains the importance of where to begin on the body is,

If you have any major heart conditions, malignant tumors or Thrombosis, please consult your Physician before you begin the process. Though there are few conditions drainage affect, these three can cause other dangerous issues.

If you have had lymph nodes removed as a result of cancer in the breast area and are experiencing swelling (Edema) please also consult your Physician and be sure to ask if you can preform self-care. In some cases, you may be referred to your Physical Therapist instead. If you really want to start the year with a new body- start with the inside and work your way out. Your body will thank you and run more efficiently!

How to stay fit during the holidays

                                           How to stay fit during the holidays

How to stay fit during the holidays is a challenge we all have to face. Here are a few tips to keep you on track this year!  With all the festivities it is easy to find an excuse to eat anything and everything. The Christmas season is only once a year so I should enjoy it right? This is true, you should enjoy it, but go ahead and set some parameters.

 Planning ahead is a key to staying fit during the holidays. When you know you will be attending a holiday party plan light meals for the rest of the day. A protein shake for breakfast and a big salad for lunch. Make sure that you eat a little something before you attend, because if you are starving you will overeat!

Plan ahead to get a good workout or some kind of physical activity in during the day. Even if you take a 20 minute power walk or do some squats and push ups. Do not use not having time as an excuse to do nothing at all. We are all busy this time of year so if you miss a workout here or there do not let that get you discouraged to wait until after the holidays to get back on track.

I hear people say, I will start at the first of the year and then become sedentary and overeat throughout December. I have done the same thing and it is just an excuse! Today decide that you will not gain that 5 to ten pounds over the holidays. Be determined to stay fit this Christmas season. If you are working out and eating clean most of the time the occasional treat will not hurt you.

Make this a Christmas to remember! The motivation of staying fit during the holidays should be about your health. Being healthy and feeling good equips you to be a blessing to others and serve!

If you have any tips on staying fit during the holidays please comment below. To your health,

Jenay Green

How to improve health with Pumpkin

                                        How to improve health with Pumpkin

If you are looking for a variety of foods to add to your diet to improve health pumpkin is a great addition They are in season and can be used in many different recipes. Pumpkins are rich in a host of vitamins and minerals that contribute to improved health.

Pumpkins are rich in disease fighting antioxidants.  For radiant skin not only can you ad pumpkin to your diet but it can be used as a mask on your face.

Pumpkins contain a high level of vitamin c which is great for helping protect yourself against the cold and flu season. Pumpkins may also play a role in cancer prevention. With the fatty acids that pumpkin seeds contain as well as them being free of saturated fat and cholesterol they are a heart healthy food.

If you are looking for more energy pumpkin may be just what you need.They have more energy fueling potassium than bananas. For athletes after a hard workout they help restore the bodies electrolytes.

Great news for those looking to add some variety of foods to your weight loss arsenal. Pumpkins are very low in calories as well as high in dietary fiber. The high fiber content will keep you feeling full longer, not to mention the host of nutrients your body is receiving to boost health.

Looking to add more protein?  Pumpkin seeds are a concentrated source of protein. Pumpkins are rich in minerals that are important in improving overall health. Pumpkins are also rich in carotenoids which gives them the bright orange hue.. They are also known for improving the health of your eyes.

Pumpkins seeds also contain an amino acid that is important in production of serotonin. Serotonin plays a role in our moods as well as our sleep. If you have better sleep you will be in a better mood anyway, but good sleep is an important element in maintaining overall health.

Ways to add pumpkin to improve Health

1. Energy boosting smoothie
blend pureed pumpkin with a protein powder, coconut milk and chia seeds.

2. Satisfying trail mix
add raw pumpkin seeds to cashews, almonds, sunflower seeds, raisins or dates and a little sea salt.

3. Salad topper
add raw pumpkin seeds to any salad

4.Roasted vegetable medley
add chunks of pumpkin to your favorite vegetables and roast them cover with olive oil and your favorite spices

5.Roasted pumpkin seeds
cover baking sheet with pumpkin seeds sea salt and olive oil

If you have any great recipes or ideas to add pumpkin to your diet please join the conversation and leave a reply below. To your health,

Jenay Green


                                             NO EXCUSES! GET HEALTHY!

Today Is the the day. You have a fresh start today and it is time to put aside every excuse. We make excuses every day for the things we do not accomplish. I do not have time to exercise, I can not afford a gym membership, I can not afford to eat healthy, my family will not eat if I cook that way…..etc. Whatever the excuse, No excuses get healthy!

As a wife and mother of four boys from 5 to 16, I know the daily challenges of finding time. The thing about it is we all find time for what is really important to us. Being healthy for your family is just as important as doing it for your own reasons. You will be more productive in everything you do when you are healthy.

The road to better health consists of many challenges in the world we live in today. The reality is that it is hard. It takes effort and there is no quick fix. This society is a microwave society, Give it to me now and fast because I do not have time to wait. This idea of a quick fix and being healthy are not one in the same. The only fast food that equals healthy is what I like to call Gods fast food, and it is called fruit and veggies!

Restaurants are getting on board with finding healthier options, but nothing beats fresh home cooked meals. The money you could save by eating at home could give you the extra to make healthier purchases. Learn to be creative and get the kids involved. Let them pick out a new vegetable at the store and try new ways to cook them. No excuses, get healthy!

Having a budget and eating healthy is also a challenge. Find what is on sale that week and plan meals around that. Aldi has grass fed beef for a reasonable price. I may buy less meat so I can buy the grass fed beef then make a larger serving of beans or a vegetable your family enjoys.The junk food is what we over eat and get addicted to so we can save money by buying less junk food.

 Exercise does not have to be done in a gym! I have worked out at home since I closed my gym, be creative and make exercise fun. Play with your kids! Ride bikes, race with them, jump on a trampoline, get out and play sports. If you hate exercise it is because you have not found anything fun. Find something you love to do and it will make it enjoyable.

Do not let time be an excuse not to exercise. You can find ways to muti-task. Squats while brushing your teeth or waiting on your food to cook. Do not get caught up in finding 30 minutes or an hour just squeeze in 5 or ten minutes throughout your day. No excuses, get healthy!

Share what works for you and join the conversation.

To your health,

Jenay Green

Power punch for your health

Power punch for your healthpower punch for your health

Would you like a power punch for your health this cold and flu season? Sometimes your best defense is building a strong immune system. Granted, there is no fool proof way to be sure you will not catch any colds or flu, but you can lessen the chance and shorten the duration by strengthening your immune system.

One of the first and most obvious ways to give your body a power punch for your health is to eat plenty of clean foods. Cruciferous vegetables such as Kale, cabbage, and broccoli support the liver and immunity by boosting the livers ability to flush out toxins.

Mushrooms such as enoki, shitake, oyster are Japanese mushrooms loaded with a powerful antioxidant that does not get destroyed when cooking. Add some of these mushrooms to your hot cooked meals and soups.

Ginger warms the body and helps break down the accumulation of toxins in organs particularly the lungs and sinuses. Avocados are great for adrenal function. They contain essential amino acids and antioxidants. Avocados also have healthy fats and help balance hormones. So great news for all you guacamole lovers!

Black currants contain 5 times more vitamin c than an orange making them a great power punch for your health. Sage extract also works as an expectorant. It helps to move mucus out of the body. Try using a drop of sage extract with hot tea or make your own with hot water.

Graviola is a natural immune system booster that has been used to kill parasites, reduce fevers,and help treat colds and the flu. Graviola appears to contain natural compounds that have some anti- tumor properties.

A  great whole food supplement is an easy way to get more of the essential vitamins and minerals we need to give our body a power punch for health. With holiday parties it is sometimes a little more challenging to eat clean and to avoid all the sugar that breaks down the immune system.

Exercise is a great way to give your body an extra boost. With endless benefits exercise also helps you release stress which wreaks havoc on immune function. Prayer, deep breathing, and giving thanks helps me release the stress. We all have stress we just have to not let it have us.

Get a good night rest. Our body repairs during sleep and sleep is crucial for healthy  immune function. Do your body good and sleep like a baby. If you have a hard time with sleep try cammomile tea or melatonin.

Get a good belly laugh. The bible is full of wisdom from God on how to live a healthier and happier life when applied to our lives. Proverbs 17:22 tells us “ A merry heart does good like a medicine: but a broken spirit dries the bones”. Scientific studies have proven this to be truth!.

If you have any thing to add that has helped you during cold and flu season be sure to comment and share below. To your health,

Jenay Green

Sweet news for improving health

Sweet news for improving health

This delicious fruit can easily be added to a variety of recipes and has a host of amazing benefits for your health. Adding Mangoes to your daily diet is sweet news for improving your health.

Mangoes are high in vitamin C an antioxidant that improves immune function. With cold and flu season coming up this would be a great preventative measure to take. Mangoes are rich in over 20 vitamins and minerals which is known for reducing the risk of disease.

It has been noted that Mangoes have been effective against all cancers but has been the most effective on breast and colon cancers. With the high vitamins, potassium, and fiber content they have also been linked with helping ward off heart disease.

A lot of Americans suffer with digestive issues. Mangoes are great for elimination problems because of the high water and fiber content. The vitamin k has also been linked to a decrease risk of macular degeneration improving eye health.

Improved bone health is also a benefit of consuming mangoes and has a positive effect on your hair, skin, and nails as well. You can use it topically as a mask as well as enjoying it in your diet for radiant skin.

For those looking to lose weight mangoes should be a part of your weight loss arsenal. Mangoes are rich in fiber that will not only cause you to feel fuller longer but helps in calorie burning. Mangoes are nutrient dense as well as low calorie.

If your like me and the years have not improved your memory the glutamine acid found in mangoes helps keep cells alive and boost memory. It also is named the love fruit as it can increase vitality in men.

Mangoes are rich in iron for those who are suffering with anemia. They also help alkaline the body which is important as a vast majority of the foods and drinks we are consuming are very acidic.

Mangoes are low glycemic. You can also boil the leaves of the mango and let them soak over night to make a tea that helps regulate insulin.

Recipes for adding mangoes to your daily diet

Sunrise smoothie

1 c  mango chunks                                                                                                               1/2  banana                                                                                                                                1 tsp lime juice                                                                                                                          1/4 tsp fresh grated ginger                                                                                                        2 tsp raw honey                                                                                                                        2 c seedless watermelon chunks

Early morning energy smoothie

2 c frozen mango chunks                                                                                                         1 c coconut milk                                                                                                                        1 tsp protein powder                                                                                                                 3 to 5 kale leaves                                                                                                                       1/2 frozen banana

You may also add a mango salsa to fish, chicken, or bean recipes as well using mangoes in a regular salad for a sweeter taste.

I hope you learned something new today that will inspire you to get on the path to healthier you. Please join the conversation by adding your comments at the bottom of this article and sharing this information with others. To your health,

Jenay Green

Want riches for your health?

Want riches for your health?

I titled this video blog Riches for your health, because this single product produces amazing health benefits.

By consuming raw apple cider vinegar on a daily basis is a great way to have riches for your health.

Bragg has made it so simple for us to have plenty of great ways to incorporate this product into our every day diet. If you have struggled with the taste or smell being to strong we may have your answers in this video.

Click on link here to purchase the products we reviewed in this video. Some of the Bragg products can also be found at your local grocery or health food store.

If you have tried any of Bragg products and would like to add a comment about your favorite way to consume raw apple cider apple cider vinegar to your diet for your health leave a comment below.

To your health,

Jenay Green

5 simple at home exercises

10 Simple at home exercises

If your like most people you are looking for ways to improve your health. In our fast pace world we all feel as if we do not have enough time in our day. Finding the time to exercise is one of the main complaints I here from clients.

I am a busy wife and mom of four and know this personally. Being a trainer and nutrition coach I am still looking for the solution. You just have to fit it in where you can. These are 10 simple exercises you can do at home on a tight schedule.


Squats are easily one of the  best simple exercises you can do at home. You are using the largest muscle therefore burning more fat. You can use your own body weight and just do them until your legs are on fire. You will build lean muscle mass and burn more calories around the clock. It does not take long and squats get the job done.You can do them while brushing your teeth, watching your T.V. show, or outside watching your kids play.

2. Push-ups

Push-ups also involve large muscle groups and you take care of toning the upper body with this one simple at home exercise. You can do these at any fitness level. Beginners can start on a wall, on a counter, or on your knees on the floor. If you want to find a fun way to get the whole family involved make it a competition. This always motivates my boys if I make it a game.


These are calorie burners and can quickly turn into a simple at home exercise to a heart raising workout. You can use your own body weight and can either do these in place or walk across the floor.Make sure your knees are lined up with your ankles and do not come beyond or you will put to much pressure on the knees.

4. Wall sits

Wall sits are a super simple at home exercise. Find a spot on your wall and sit with legs in a 90 degree angle, keeping knees aligned over ankles. If you are more advanced or want to make it more challenging bring one leg out at a time so you are supporting all your weight on one leg.

5. Crunches

These are old school and you may have other exercises you find more effective or challenging engaging your core, but they are a simple at home exercise that does the trick. You can do lots of variations and make sure you are not using your neck that you pull from your core and just use arms behind head for support but not for lifting.

Just find ways to fit in exercise .Doing 5 or 10 minutes here and there is better than doing nothing at all.. Be sure to comment and share any simple at home exercises you love. Picture provided by

To your health,

Jenay Green

Pertinent information for better Health

Pertinent information for better Health

You would be surprised by how many of the symptoms that you may be experiencing may subside with this one important mineral.Magnesium is a mineral that is crucial for optimal health but very few of us get enough of it.

It is estimated that 80% of Americans are deficient in magnesium. Magnesium tends to be more scarce in our modern food supply. A hundred years ago we may have received around 500 milligrams and now we are lucky if we get 200 milligrams. Since the suggested DV is 400 milligrams it is a good idea to supplement.

Not only is the soil not the same but a lot of the foods we eat contribute to depleting our magnesium levels. For instance refined foods, refined sugars, artificial sweeteners, coffee, cheap table salt, and tap water( because of flouride) are all culprits.

Smoking cigarettes can deplete our magnesium as well. Prolonged stress strips our magnesium quickly so we must keep emotions in balance. Prayer and meditating on Gods Holy word keeps stress at bay for me in addition to regular exercise. Also prescription drug use may deplete your levels of magnesium.

Magnesium is pertinent for better health as it is responsible for several biological functions in our bodies. It activates muscles and nerves, creates energy, and helps digest fats, carbohydrates, and proteins.

Your heart has the highest amount of magnesium in the body and without enough of it your heart can not function properly. With heart disease being the #1 killer in Americans it makes me wonder if the magnesium deficiency is a major contributor. Food for thought anyway.

Being deficient in magnesium can be linked to a host of health issues including but not limited to high blood pressure, anxiety disorders, migraines, and cardiovascular disease, . Signs of being deficient are dizziness,loss of appetite, irregular heartbeat, nausea, fatigue, muscle spasms,weakness, and sleep problems.

There is not a test to measure accurately that I am aware of, but you can most likely bet that if you consume the average american diet and do not supplement magnesium that you are deficient. Some of the foods that are higher in magnesium include spinach, Mackerel, brown rice, soybeans, molasses, avocados, figs,bananas, and dark chocolate.

Since magnesium is so pertinent for better health it would be wise to make sure you have enough through your diet and supplementation. If you have any testimonies to the use of magnesium please share on reply at the bottom of this article.

The supplement I take includes magnesium and may contribute to the amazing health benefits we have received. I also include as many of the foods as possible as I believe in eating to get your nutrients.

To your health,

Jenay Green

One simple fruit for better health

One simple fruit for better health

This one simple fruit contains an array of benefits for better health. It is so exciting to research the amazing benefits of each individual fruit that God created for the nourishment of our bodies..Raspberries provide a good amount of minerals that are crucial to good health.

Raspberries contain 10 times  the amount of antioxidants that tomatoes have. The antioxidants make it a great addition in your arsenal of disease fighting foods. The antioxidants are known to help with ageing , inflammation, and neuro-degenerative diseases.

The high potassium content will contribute to heart health.. With heart disease being #1 killer raspberries may just be one simple addition to your diet to help protect your ticker.

Studies have shown that vitamin C helps with depression, mood disorders, and immune function. Raspberries contain a high level of vitamin C. Diets rich in vitamin C help the bodies resistance against infectious agents.

The ORAC value which is (oxygen radical absorbance capacity) is 4900 per 100 grams which is top ranked among fruits. Foods that have a high ORAC value have the ability to neutralize many free radicals. This is another reason to include raspberries in your diet for better health.

The low calorie and high fiber content of raspberries makes it a great choice for maintaining a healthy weight.It has been noted that raspberry is effective in burning fat.. If you are like most women and always looking for tasty options that will help you lose weight and burn fat then raspberries should be added to your regimen.

The dense nutritional content of raspberries makes them a simple addition for better health. They contain phytonutrients, fiber, iron, magnesium, potassium, and zinc. When planning out your meals for better health think about how much nourishment you are receiving from each food choice..

Since food is fuel for the body then we must consider putting in the best fuel possible to equip our bodies to function the way God intended.

5 Simple ways to include raspberries in your daily routine

1. In your smoothies

!/2 cup raspberries in your favorite protein powder with cup almond milk. 1/2 cup raspberries in your favorite meal replacement shake with 1 cup almond milk.

2. juicing

1 kale leaf, 1 carrot, 1/2 cup raspberries,1/2 frozen banana,1/4 cup almonds,1 tbsp of chia or flaxseeds.

3. Add 1/2 cup of raspberries to 1 cup plain greek yogurt with 1 tbsp of raw honey mix and enjoy!

4. Add to your salads

5. Fast food style. Pick them up and pop them in your mouth and enjoy!

Any recipes or ideas you have found to be helpful including raspberries in your diet please leave a reply. Pay it forward by sharing with others!

To your health,

Jenay Green

Eye on the goal for better health

Eye on the goal for better health

We all want to have better health right? Wanting better health and taking the steps to get the desired results are two different things. It is easy to get excited about setting a goal while you feel like it but when the hard work and discipline comes in this is where we usually start feeling different about it.

We begin making excuses of why we are not sticking to the original plan. It may be that you do not feel good or that you do not have time but they all are excuses. If we are honest with ourselves it is just hard if it were easy everyone would do it.

Setting goals are great because you are more likely to stay focused. Have a list of reasons why you are doing this. Make a list of different things that would remind you of how important the follow through is to reach your desired results.

Some of my whys are desiring to be in the best possible shape to enjoy activities with my husband and children. I also hate being sick and as soon as my bad choices start to effect the way I feel it reminds me quickly of why I am on this journey for better health.

Make a list of your whys and keep them visible to you everyday. If you can have your eye on your goals daily this will create more of an incentive. You may even want to have a vision board that pertains to your goals for better health.

Have rewards along the way for reaching specific goals. You need to set short and long term goals for better health. This is a lifetime commitment that comes with a lot of small steps along the way that lead to big changes down the road.

Just remember that each victory needs to be celebrated no matter how small it may seem. Each day make a decision to take some action step that is bringing you closer to your goals for better health. Every time you eat stop and think is this choice taking me closer to my goals or further away. Great health is not attained by accident it takes effort on our part.

Be sure to share how setting goals for better health has worked for you or how these ideas have helped you set goals. Pay it forward by sharing.

To your health,

Jenay Green

How to reduce stress

How to reduce stress

How to reduce stress
In the world we live in stress is something unavoidable. We tend to over commit and take on to many tasks and that alone creates stress.

If you have a big family and kids that are in various sports and activities it can make life hectic. I know that with our family of six we have set rules for only one sport so that does not rule our lives and create more stress.

Do not over commit by spending more than you make. The bible says the borrower is slave to the lender.

Simplify your life by sometimes saying no even to good things. Give thought to what is really important when it comes to the big picture. This is difficult when you love helping and have a servants heart. Remember you have to be healthy to keep helping others.

Exercise can be an immediate answer on reducing stress not to mention the numerous benefits to your health. Sometimes getting my sweat on is all that is needed and then I can refocus.

You can choose the exercise that best suits you. I believe whatever makes you sweat and suck in some oxygen will do the trick. Playing sports with your kids,friends or family could get you some laughter as well as exercise which is just as good of medicine.

Some people may prefer to exercise alone. This may be a good time to reflect or pray and get your thoughts established for the day. As a busy mom of four this is a time out for me. I know this time to myself to exercise and pray will help me to be a better wife and mother.

Deep breathing also helps me in a moment when exercise is not feasible. When you are stressed and you are taking in short shallow breaths it makes matters worse.. I even think about taking in Gods breath of life and breathing out every care,worry,and stress.

Let go of the things you can not change and take action concerning the things you can. Remember that nothing is worth losing your peace over and take one thing at a time otherwise overwhelming yourself does nothing but create more stress.

Think about what you think about. Your thought life is very powerful and can get you stressed quickly if your meditation is on the wrong things. Philippians 4:6-8 has helped me more than anything. It tells us not to be anxious but to pray and to meditate on things that are honest, just, praiseworthy, of a good report.

If you would like to share what works for you leave a comment at the bottom of this post on reply. Pay it forward by sharing. To your health, Jenay Green

How to use Apple cider vinegar

How to use Apple cider vinegar blogging 005

Bragg’s Apple cider vinegar is one of those products that has many uses. My family has greatly benefited from the use and I am a sold out believer in Apple cider vinegar.

I have had a lot of people ask questions on the ways to apply the many uses of the apple cider vinegar so I have created a video to cover some of the frequently asked questions.

Be sure to join in and comment by adding your personal testimonies on how you applied this information or new ideas that may not have been covered. It is always fascinating to me to hear of all the benefits people are receiving from using apple cider vinegar.




Pay it forward by sharing. To your health,

Jenay Green

Simple ways to add vegetables to your diet

Simple ways to add vegetables to your dietblogging 002

For some this is easy and takes no creativity and for others finding ways to enjoy vegetables is a challenge. The first step is trying a variety of vegetables. Your taste buds do change and just because you did not enjoy a certain veggie as a kid does not mean you will not like it now.

Another way is to try several different ways of cooking a certain veggie. You may hate something raw and really enjoy it cooked or masked in a smoothie. For example the taste of kale is strong and bitter so many do not care for it raw, but if you mix it in a smoothie with fruit you do not taste it.

kale chips roasted with some olive oil and sea salt can satisfy your salty craving and give you a serving of a vegetable at the same time. If you are on the go and do not have the ability to cook or prepare anything taking fresh raw veggies and using hummus is another simple way to add vegetables to your diet.

Prepare ahead with baggies of vegetables for on the go and carry a cooler in your car. This way when you need a quick snack you can get your veggies and hummus. There are so many different varieties of hummus it is likely to find one that you will enjoy.

Another simple way to add vegetables to your diet is by juicing. I personally use the nutri-bullet for juicing and this way no food goes to waste. Refer to my articles on juicing and smoothies for further information on ways to use this method.

Salads seem to be the most obvious way to add vegetables,but if you pile on all the unhealthy foods they can have more calories than a cheeseburger. Finding a variety of ways to make salads is a simple way to add veggies.California grilled chicken is one of my personal favorites.

Look for the nutrient dense foods and be creative. A salad can be whatever you want. I always use lemon or lime,braggs apple cider vinegar, and olive oil for dressing. Adding nuts, jalapenos, fruit, avocados, etc can all change the flavor making salads much more tasty. blogging 005


Another way you can add taste is by soaking a vegetable in apple cider vinegar. I challenge you to add more vegetables to your diet. if you have any suggestions to add that have worked for you please join the conversation and help others.

Also share on the social media buttons below. To your health, Jenay Green

A staple in the Mediterranean diet for better health

A staple in the Mediterranean diet for better health

With heart disease being the #1 cause of death in our country and cancer not far behind it is wise to take note of the differences in our diets in comparison to those countries who have far less incidences.

The people in countries consuming the Mediterranean diet are noted for lower heart disease and cancer death rates. A staple in the Mediterranean diet is olive oil.

Olive oil has been used for centuries with a track record that deserves recognition. The monosaturated fat found in olive oil can help control insulin and lower cholesterol. It also helps keep the arteries clear so the heart can receive oxygen and nutrients.

Polyphenols a type of antioxidant found in olive oil helps protects your cells from damage. Free radical damage is linked to increase risk of disease. Olive oil is known as a heart healthy food.

The use of olive oil is said to improve the function of the lining of the blood vessels. It is contributed to lowering blood pressure as well as preventing harmful blood clotting.

Olive oil is also a good diuretic and can help rid the body of kidney stones. It is good for intestinal inflammation and distress.

In addition to the amazing benefits for better health olive oil is a beauty secret for many. Sophia Lauren swears by an olive oil bath for the skin. It can be used topically for skin conditions.

I have even heard of warming and using it as a rub for pain relief. It makes a wonderful treatment for dry hair and scalp. You can use it for natural beauty products mixing with beeswax for chapstick.

Simple ways to add olive oil to your daily routine.

1. make a salad dressing (mix olive oil and raw apple cider vinegar, sea salt and lemon)

2. Substitute on veggies in place of butter

3. Use olive oil, oregano, pepper for a dipping oil or on pasta

4. put on pizza or any dish for adding flavor and nutrients

When buying olive oil make sure that you purchase extra virgin oil in a dark glass bottle protecting it from light. This way you have pure oil from the olives and all the health benefits.

My great grandfather was Greek and I saw him benefit from the every day use of olive oil. He had no heart disease, he had great skin, and lived to be 89.

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Jenay Green


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