About Stefanie

I wanted to take a moment to tell you a little about myself, I come to you all as a wife, a mother of three and am a stay at home mom. For 15 years now I have been working out and have been on the roller coaster of trying to figure out what works for me through my fitness journey.

I have always had a passion to work hard and eat well, but I too have experienced the ups and downs of this busy life and trying find balance to take care of myself.

Through the years it has stirred in my heart to teach others through my challenges that I have faced with hopes that you will find your way without having to fall on your face so much!

I feel we all need each other as women to stand with one another and build one another and through this we will be more than conquerors!!

My goal here is to brave through each and everyday given to us knowing that I gave it all I had and I could say to someone else, you don’t have to to this on your own.

Its refreshing for me personally to know that there are women out there who struggle just as I do. It is so nice to have conversations with other women and say “ Me too”.  Then to get up shake the dust off and go after it again and remember why we are on this path! Together all things are possible, Let’s create new trails for others to follow…

With that being said , here’s to a life with no limitations filled with hopes and dreams to be all that you could ever dream of!!

I am here for you and with you through this journey, its time time to take the next step.

Lots of love,

Stefanie Ratterree


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