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About Jenay Green


I am excited that you are seeking the knowledge to improve your health. I have started this website with the purpose of educating you on ways to make simple steps to start seeing changes in your health. As you apply practical applications and see how investing in your health will reap lasting benefits.

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Your example can give others hope and encouragement to change the future of their health as well! As you make healthier choices, you will set an example that can have a ripple affect to make a positive impact on others.

I have spent countless hours reading, researching, praying and investing into getting answers not only for my family but for you. I owned my own wellness center where as a personal fitness trainer, group exercise instructor, and friend.

I heard the concerns and cries of women and  knew it was my calling to help provide answers for you and your families. I am moved with compassion to see you well.

As a wife and mother of four I understand the challenges we face with the world we live in today to make exercise and healthy eating habits a part of our everyday life. I am now a stay at home mom who homeschools my youngest two children. I know you need to make the most of your time and with the short concise posts I hope to help you do that!

My desire is to instruct you with the tools and encourage you along the way to reach every health and fitness related goal you have.

Let me help you stay accountable, encouraged, and up to date with the latest information to keep you and your family healthy, happy,and fit! A family who plays together stays together!

To Your Health,

Jenay Green


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