My Journey To Healing

First of all, I want to ask for your forgiveness. I really dropped the ball with the blogging..I have been in the process of writing a book called A Battle Plan For Fear, Anxiety, and Depression.” In starting the blog, I was asking the Lord to give me a platform to help women. I was not really sure what I was asking for, but my heart was to be a part of God’s plan and be faithful to where He has entrusted me.

I had just published a book called ” A Battle Plan For Cancer” hoping to give some helpful tools for those fighting that battle as well as sharing my own personal testimony with a scare I had with a breast lump. This is where things started to get really hard. I had been running full speed ahead for years.

I had major “Martha syndrome”. This is a woman from scripture Luke 10:38-42 that God said was concerned with too many things. I would recommend reading this passage. She spent more time working for God and serving others, while her sister Mary sat at Jesus feet learning of Him and resting in His love. Jesus told Mary she had chose the better thing, but Martha was upset that Mary had the audacity to let her do all the serving and sit at Jesus feet This thought was so foreign to me, because after all to be successful at anything it takes hard work, right?

The society we have all been raised in fosters this idea of women trying to be a real life Wonder Woman when she is a fictional character. We are told we are not only to be the keepers of our home as the Bible tells us our roles are, a helper to our husband, taking care of our children, but we should also go out and have a career and find time to serve in the local church! We are made to feel that if we are not everything to everybody that we have somehow failed to be a success in life.

So I ran my gym, had a husband, and two kids, tried to serve in the church, and the
community as well. I thought God and everyone else expected me to be a success and to keep plugging along. Well, with the challenges of marriage, children, and all that it
brings, I began to feel the effects of having minimal downtime and all the demands I
placed on myself. When I had to close my gym and come home, I was pregnant with my 3 rd baby. I felt like I had missed it or failed since the gym did not succeed ( at least
according to the world’s standards), but I will share more about that later.

I came home and had my baby, and then found out I was pregnant again a few months
after having my third child. This was a sure sign I was not going anywhere for awhile. I
had no idea how exhausted I was. My adrenals were shot. My stress levels had been way too high for way too long, and I was burning the candle at both ends so to speak. I was at burn out and my body started experiencing the effects. Anxiety started to plague me.

I don’t mean an occasional bought as I had experienced on and off with panic attacks, but anxiety that debilitated me from living life the way I once had and stole joy from so many days.Fear that haunted my thoughts and kept me bound. I was afraid to exercise, and for me being a personal trainer it was absurd. I was afraid to leave my house and even drive at times. If you had ever known me, this is everything opposite of my personality and who I had always been.

I know now what a demon mental illness really is. I begin to feel so much compassion for those trapped in its prison. I will begin sharing with you in a series
of blogs about my journey to healing. As I reveal my weakness and where the Lord’s
strength has been able to come through and lead me down a road to understanding my
body, my mind, and how the health of both have an effect on each other.

Digestive health plays a role and simple obedience to doing things God’s way can have a profound effect on our health and wellness. If any of this hits home, then I invite you to join me as I will be sharing my pain, my tears, and my overcoming through seeking the great physician Jesus and submitting to His ways of thinking and doing things. I am still a work in progress and realize how much I really don’t know. I am thankful to be able to be a small part of helping others find tools to implement on their road to health and wellness! Be sure to check out the next blog post that will begin with some practical steps to initiate the bodies healing.

To Your Health,

Jenay Green

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  1. I love your motive in keeping our temple HEALTHY a GREAT TOOL AMEN I AGREEMENT WITH YOU 100%

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