Need motivation for working out?

Need motivation for working out?fitness-woman-drinking-water-beach-running-thirsty-sport-runner-resting-taking-break-bottle-drink-outside-31969906

I know how you feel. Some days it is all you can do to get through the day and accomplish all you have to get done right?

Do you put off ¬†workouts when you are overwhelmed or tired? Sometimes it is such a catch 22. You know you will feel better if you work out, but you think I don’t FEEL like working out.

Sometimes the thing we feel like doing the least is actually what will help us the most.I do believe that we all need encouragement from time to time and some of us more than others.

If you are in that place right now where the excuses are piling up and your workouts seem to stay on the backburner then my goal is to help you!

First of all ,the same thing does not work for everyone, so don’t try to be like your friend that seems to be able to find two hours to spend at the gym a day if that is not feasible for you. You need to find something practical that works for you and fits your lifestyle.

Decide ahead of time how much time a day you can carve out for exercise. Do you have 20 min, 30 min, 45 or an hour? This will depend on your schedule. Then make the decision whether or not you will work out at home or in a gym setting.

Some people thrive in a gym setting and others not so much. You are an individual and need to find out what makes you tick. Do you enjoy outdoors or indoor workouts? Are you a morning or evening person?

If you know already that you are too tired after your day to exercise in the evening then go ahead and plan on doing it first thing in the morning before everything else.

I know we all have good intentions, but I for instance am a morning person and if I do not work out first thing no matter how much I plan on doing it later, 9 times out of 10 it NEVER happens.

Find an activity you enjoy. This is a key to consistency, because if you enjoy what you are doing then it is fun rather than a chore. I use my walking in the morning as a time to pray, reflect, and have time to myself. With four boys, I cherish that quiet time to myself to rejuvenate.

If you are more motivated when you have a buddy to keep you accountable then go ahead and find someone with the same schedule to meet and workout. This can be great, you are helping someone else and it helps you in the process!

One thing I can tell you is that you will always feel better after a workout. I have never regretted working out, but I have many times regretted not working out. If you need some simple at home workouts check out this post.

Planning ahead and making exercise a priority is a must or you will always find excuses to put it off. Be sure to share below by commenting what tactics have helped you stay encouraged to work out.

To your health,

Jenay Green


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