5 simple steps for safe weight loss

5 simple steps for safe weight lossfitness-woman-drinking-water-beach-running-thirsty-sport-runner-resting-taking-break-bottle-drink-outside-31969906

If you are like most people, you are always looking for a way to drop a few pounds, right? If you are still looking for that magical solution that does not require some hard work and patience on your part, then let me know when you find it!

If you have seen, heard, and tried every fad diet that has crossed your path, then you are like millions of other women! I know you want to look good and be healthy, so here are 5 simple steps for safe weight loss.

1. Increase lean muscle mass

Have you ever noticed how most men drop weight so much faster than Women? No fair, right? Well, they generally have much more muscle mass. Muscle burns fat.

So increase your lean muscle mass and you will shed weight. Do not be afraid of lifting light weights, or simulating activities that will give you a little muscle.

2. Decrease your calorie intake

A safe way to decrease your calorie intake, is by omitting some of the sugary empty calories and adding nutrient dense foods like fresh vegetables,nuts, seeds, and fruits.

It is not about starving, but eating the right type of calories. If you pay attention to your calorie intake for a few days, you may be surprised how many calories you are taking in including drinks.

So drinking water instead of sodas, juices, and teas will reduce your calorie intake greatly.

3. Find ways to be more active

Find an activity you enjoy that will get your heart rate up and your sweat on! Not only is this a healthy way to lose a few, but your body releases endorphins that will make you feel good as well!

4. Never starve or diet!

Yes, diet is a four letter word! When you think diet, you feel dread right? Or maybe, you feel like you are missing out?

Sometimes it just puts you in a really bad mood doesn’t it? You do not want to feel deprived, I know, no one likes to feel that way!

A lifestyle change and finding fun healthy recipes and desserts is the way to go .Focus on including the healthy foods you love and finding great recipes rather than focusing on what you can not have.

When you start learning the ways to enjoy healthy foods, then you start crowding out the foods that are not so good by default.

5. Make it about more than you!

Set goals for your weight loss based on how this will improve your health for the benefit of others, then you will have more lasting success.

Just start writing down all the ways losing excess weight will improve your life and make you more efficient in all your duties.

I will be a better Mother, because I can start playing with my kids more. I will be healthier and a better example to my family.

I can be a better wife, because I will have more energy to spend time with my husband. I can be an example to others. If I reach my goals, it will help them believe they can too!

Every decision begins with a thought, so you have to make a decision to take action. Stop and think,how you view the idea of weight loss?

Does it seem impossible to you? Then it will be. First you have to believe that you can! Then make decisions every day that will take you closer to your goal.

Pray for the help to renew your mind and have a healthy mindset towards weight loss and a right attitude.

I challenge you to apply these 5 simple steps for healthy weight loss for the next 90 days and to share your results with me!

To your health,

Jenay Green



4 thoughts on “5 simple steps for safe weight loss

  1. I lost ten pounds over the last month and a half, but two crept back. I realize I need accountability. I would like to shed ten more and maintain it. I will follow your steps and read your weekly encouragement. Hopefully I can report more weight loss. It is so hard the older we get, but I feel so much better about the way I look and do seem to have more energy. Thanks for all you do to spur us on to achieving not only a healthy lifestyle, but a godly one too. God bless you.

    • Mary Ann, Yes It does get more challenging with age, but we all need encouragement! I love to help and it helps me in the process! Keep plugging along and you will reach all your goals!

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