Health benefits of fasting

Health benefits of fasting health benefits of fasting

There are a number of proven health benefits with fasting. If you go back to biblical times fasting is a practice that God required of His people.There was no scientific evidence at that time of the physical benefits, people just obeyed what God asked of them.

Throughout scriptures there are references of godly men as well as Jesus Christ fasting. It was a spiritual discipline that God used to bring His children closer to him. They denied their flesh and got answers, direction, and wisdom from God.

We are always finding out that God, in His infinite wisdom, has reasons beyond our understanding for what he asks of us. It is always for our benefit when He is requiring something of us.

God created our bodies to heal, in His design. With certain sicknesses, we automatically go into a fast. Whenever you are ill you do not want to eat anything. The great amount of energy your body uses to digest food goes towards healing the body of the invaders.

Fasting is known as being an ancient and powerful approach to healing many diseases. Fasting allows the body to rest, detoxify, and heal. In our world today we are being bombarded with toxins on a daily basis, not to mention the stress we place upon our bodies with our fast paced society.

We are greatly over fed and undernourished in our western culture and our bodies are paying the price. Stress is one of the primary causes of doctor visits. Cleansing our body of disease causing toxins is a great way to help facilitate healing.

Fasting promotes longevity and puts the body into a detoxification cycle that we enter during sleep. Fasting helps regulate hormone function as well as the functions of organs in your body. As the body rids itself of toxins aches, pains, and many other issues start to diminish. Remember when you are cleansing the body of toxins, you may feel worse before feeling better for a short period of time.

Fasting can help clear up skin as well as the mind. This was recorded in the bible, in the book of Daniel. As Daniel withheld from the kings portions for several weeks which included alcohol, sweets, breads, and meats he was able to have a clear mind that He received divine wisdom during that fast.

Fasting can be anything from water only for a period of time to fruits and vegetables. All of these fasts are beneficial to your health, but when you are eating it is a slower process of detoxing. I would recommend being directed by a natural health professional on the best way to fast if you have never fasted.

Dr. Don Colbert has some great information and is very educated in this area of fasting.

Different types of fasting for your health

* Eat raw fruits and vegetables, nuts, and seeds

consume mineral rich bone or vegetable broth

* drink only fresh juiced fruits and vegetables

* eat salads only

* eat a early dinner and refrain for a 16 hour period before your first meal

* fast intermittently. One meal at a time

Please share by leaving a comment below any health benefits you have gained from a fast. If you found this article helpful please pay it forward and share! To your health,

Jenay Green



8 thoughts on “Health benefits of fasting”

  1. I always wondered if fasting was good for you. Do you think fasting while taking Reliv is okay.

    Could you refrain from solid foods and just maintain a Reliv diet for a day or two to help with cleansing and fasting?

    What products would your recommend that you take while fasting with Reliv?
    Katrina recently posted…Into The Woods…My Profile

    1. Yes. I know people who have used reliv only for several weeks and stated that they were able to carry on with all daily tasks. Of course they were drinking lots of water, most likely hot tea. Whenever I fast, I always use my reliv as I normally do and if it is a liquid only fast I use more reliv. I would recommend starting a Fruit and vegetable fast to start if you have never fasted

  2. We start each January with a fast. It not only helps get our eating back on track but also helps put the LORD back as our focus as sometimes we allow the cares of life to divert our attention from Jesus. Thanks Jenay

  3. I have taken Reliv everyday for more than 12 years and continued to take it while fasting. My friends and I make a Reliv Now and Fibrestore smoothy with strawberries and spinach added. It’s a great start to my busy day! The health benefits and nutritional value are like drinking a healthy and balanced juice.

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