Eye on the goal for better health

Eye on the goal for better health

We all want to have better health right? Wanting better health and taking the steps to get the desired results are two different things. It is easy to get excited about setting a goal while you feel like it but when the hard work and discipline comes in this is where we usually start feeling different about it.

We begin making excuses of why we are not sticking to the original plan. It may be that you do not feel good or that you do not have time but they all are excuses. If we are honest with ourselves it is just hard if it were easy everyone would do it.

Setting goals are great because you are more likely to stay focused. Have a list of reasons why you are doing this. Make a list of different things that would remind you of how important the follow through is to reach your desired results.

Some of my whys are desiring to be in the best possible shape to enjoy activities with my husband and children. I also hate being sick and as soon as my bad choices start to effect the way I feel it reminds me quickly of why I am on this journey for better health.

Make a list of your whys and keep them visible to you everyday. If you can have your eye on your goals daily this will create more of an incentive. You may even want to have a vision board that pertains to your goals for better health.

Have rewards along the way for reaching specific goals. You need to set short and long term goals for better health. This is a lifetime commitment that comes with a lot of small steps along the way that lead to big changes down the road.

Just remember that each victory needs to be celebrated no matter how small it may seem. Each day make a decision to take some action step that is bringing you closer to your goals for better health. Every time you eat stop and think is this choice taking me closer to my goals or further away. Great health is not attained by accident it takes effort on our part.

Be sure to share how setting goals for better health has worked for you or how these ideas have helped you set goals. Pay it forward by sharing.

To your health,

Jenay Green

Author: JT

Jenay Green is the wife of Matt Green and mother of four boys. She is a former owner of a gym/wellness center. Her calling from God has driven her passion to see people walk in divine health. Jenay has been trained in the area of fitness and nutrition but also has researched and prayed for well over 17 years in search of answers to some of our greatest health challenges including cancer. Her goal is to see people walk in divine health in accordance to III John :2 "Beloved I wish above all things that thou may prosper and be in health, even as thy soul prospers."

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  1. I am reminded of a friend who became a triathlete after a doctors visit. It definitely did not happen overnight, but resulted from consistent daily action reflecting commitment to the goal. This individual decided he had two choices: the outcome predicted by his doctor based on his health at that visit, or create lifelong change in his habits, both I. Eating habits and in physical activity. . He chose to change and the payoffs are many. It inspires me to seek better health. Thanks for these effective tips.

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