How to reduce stress

How to reduce stress

How to reduce stress
In the world we live in stress is something unavoidable. We tend to over commit and take on to many tasks and that alone creates stress.

If you have a big family and kids that are in various sports and activities it can make life hectic. I know that with our family of six we have set rules for only one sport so that does not rule our lives and create more stress.

Do not over commit by spending more than you make. The bible says the borrower is slave to the lender.

Simplify your life by sometimes saying no even to good things. Give thought to what is really important when it comes to the big picture. This is difficult when you love helping and have a servants heart. Remember you have to be healthy to keep helping others.

Exercise can be an immediate answer on reducing stress not to mention the numerous benefits to your health. Sometimes getting my sweat on is all that is needed and then I can refocus.

You can choose the exercise that best suits you. I believe whatever makes you sweat and suck in some oxygen will do the trick. Playing sports with your kids,friends or family could get you some laughter as well as exercise which is just as good of medicine.

Some people may prefer to exercise alone. This may be a good time to reflect or pray and get your thoughts established for the day. As a busy mom of four this is a time out for me. I know this time to myself to exercise and pray will help me to be a better wife and mother.

Deep breathing also helps me in a moment when exercise is not feasible. When you are stressed and you are taking in short shallow breaths it makes matters worse.. I even think about taking in Gods breath of life and breathing out every care,worry,and stress.

Let go of the things you can not change and take action concerning the things you can. Remember that nothing is worth losing your peace over and take one thing at a time otherwise overwhelming yourself does nothing but create more stress.

Think about what you think about. Your thought life is very powerful and can get you stressed quickly if your meditation is on the wrong things. Philippians 4:6-8 has helped me more than anything. It tells us not to be anxious but to pray and to meditate on things that are honest, just, praiseworthy, of a good report.

If you would like to share what works for you leave a comment at the bottom of this post on reply. Pay it forward by sharing. To your health, Jenay Green

Author: JT

Jenay Green is the wife of Matt Green and mother of four boys. She is a former owner of a gym/wellness center. Her calling from God has driven her passion to see people walk in divine health. Jenay has been trained in the area of fitness and nutrition but also has researched and prayed for well over 17 years in search of answers to some of our greatest health challenges including cancer. Her goal is to see people walk in divine health in accordance to III John :2 "Beloved I wish above all things that thou may prosper and be in health, even as thy soul prospers."

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  1. You are so right on all these things. It is my personality to volunteer. Last year I had to quit what I was volunteering for because it was stressful and taking me away from what I want to do. I’m happier!

  2. Going outside, even if just to a park bench, helps me breathe easier. Stress is a challenge that can affect health. Tips to reduce stress improve your health and well being. Thanks!

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