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10 reasons to go nuts for coconut

10 reasons to go nuts for coconut.

I am fascinated by all the benefits of coconut. It is one of my favorite health foods ever!

1. The water from the coconut.. It is low in calories and cholesterol free. Coconut water is pure, sterile, and hydrating. It has the highest concentration of electrolytes found in nature.

This would be a perfect replacement for artificially sweetened and high sugar sports drinks. Most of us do not consume enough fruits and vegetables and are low on potassium so coconut water can help fill that gap.

2. Oral health. Coconut oil has been known to be very beneficial for the health of your gums and teeth. This can be a healthy and simple way to whiten your teeth as well.

Oil pulling has become a popular way to pull toxins and improve oral health. Just take a spoonful of the oil and swish it around for about 20 minutes then spit it out. You may try doing it in the evening while reading or something to get your mind off the time.

3. Another reason to go nuts for coconut is for your skin. It is anti-bacterial, ant-fungal and is a great way to treat skin conditions. It can also help with itchy scalp and relive dry cracked heels. You can use it to condition dry hair and leave it shiny and smooth. It is very hydrating and leaves the skin feeling very soft and supple.

4.Coconut sugar can replace sugar in recipes. Most of us love tasty desserts but do not like the way all the sugar effects our health. Coconut is known to be low glycemic and to be helpful in balancing blood sugar.

5. Coconut butter can be a great replacement for dairy. I have began using it for toast, pancakes and vegetables.

6. Another reason to go nuts for its disease fighting properties.The lauric acid it contains, which is found in human breast milk converts to a substance that is useful for increasing immunity and fighting viruses.blogging 009 7 For increasing thyroid function and boosting metabolism coconut oil could be just the weapon you need in your weight loss arsenal. It is safe for cooking and replacing other oils like canola, corn, vegetable, and margarine that can suppress metabolism making it harder to lose weight.blogging 008 8 Coconut keifer is another reason to go nuts over coconut. Fermented foods are exceptional for our digestion and health.

Countries that consume them regularly in addition to coconut have lower disease rates.. Some keifers you find in the grocery store are full of sugar and the coconut keifer has no added sugar and tastes good.

9.Use as a natural deodorant. With all the chemical and ingredients in our bathroom products I am looking for things to replace and this works well.

10. Room deodorizer the smell of coconut is therapeutic to me. If you want to add any uses you have found or join the conversation please leave a comment below. I challenge you to start benefiting from coconut and share your results. Be sure to show you care and share! To your health, Jenay Green

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