Simple step for better health and younger skin

Simple step for better health and younger skinsimple step

Our bodies are made up of around 70% water. Water is essential to all life. Yet I hear so many people complain about not liking water.

Think about how blessed we are not only to have clean drinking water in this country, but to have as much as we want everyday. Use lemon, lime, or fruit to change up the flavor. You can come to love it and crave it. I prefer water and it is a habit I formed.

Water is crucial in maintaining balance of body fluids for digestion, absorption, circulation, and creation of saliva. It transports nutrients and maintains body temperature.

Water is the best replacement for the high calorie drinks people intake daily filled with caffeine, sugar, and artificial sweeteners. You can drastically reduce calories and therefore have weight loss.

Water helps the kidneys cleanse the body by transporting toxins out. Water can also lower the risk of kidney stones as well as urinary tract infections.

Water helps constipation which results in better health. Lubricating joints with proper hydration can improve joint and back pain. To alleviate headaches sometimes all you need is more water.

Muscles that have adequate fluids also function better. Before a workout drink plenty of water. Increasing fruit and vegetable intake is another simple step for better health. Since they contain a lot of water they assist in keeping the body hydrated.

Eating fruits and vegetables provide cells with structured water that is very beneficial to your health. The brain needs water to focus and be more alert. When cooking vegetables steaming them is said to give the most health benefits.

Some of the fruits and vegetables that contain the most water are watermelon, papayas, and cucumbers. With the hot weather this is the perfect time of the year to add these hydrating foods to your daily diet.

Hydrated skin looks beautiful. There is less wrinkles, it is softer, and more supple looking. Water eliminates toxins that contribute to inflamed skin resulting in clearer skin.

You can also use cold water on your skin before applying makeup to shrink pores. Water may just be your best anti-aging secret. 

Plastic water bottles release a harmful toxin into water when it becomes hot. This has been said to be a contributor to breast cancer.  So make sure you do not use plastic water bottles that have been left in a car or in the sun. A glass water bottle would be the best option.

I challenge you to give thanks today for the clean drinking water you have access to and to increase your intake. Do your body good, drink water, and pass it on! SHARE because you care! To your health,

Jenay Green

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  1. Love your blogs and healthy tips. This precious woman of God really knows her stuff! I have added lemon to my water to add to the taste without calories. Keep up the good work!

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