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Need fitness motivation tips?

Need fitness motivation tips?need fitness motivation

If your like most people the motivation for exercise does not come naturally. It is easy to begin something when you feel like it, but to stay committed and consistent can be challenging.

The challenge is how to workout when that is the last thing you FEEL like doing. If there was one simple solution then most people would be fit. I believe people want to be fit and healthy,but are still looking for that magic formula that makes it easy.

If we are honest with ourselves most success stories come with lots of hard work and doing what we do not FEEL like doing. What you invest into your health today will produce results down the road. When we do not see instant gratification then we tend to get discouraged. Results will come if you do not quit!

See yourself reaching your goals. Set your mind on the goal and put motivational quotes, pictures, etc where you can see them daily. Make a vision board with a visible list of all the reasons you want to get fit.

A lot of us will get more motivated for the sake of our children or another more than for ourselves. Set a goal that involves something you want to be able to do with your kids.This could be as simple as walking or playing a sport with them or more long term like still being around  when they start there own families.

Make a list personal gains you expect to see from your hard work. More energy, lower cholesterol, less joint pain, weight loss, etc…Then make rewards for yourself when you reach each goal you have set.

Be a motivation for others. When we motivate others to get fit there is a two fold blessing. Our focus is on helping someone else get what they want and we get fit in the process. When you reach your goals you have a testimony that will encourage others to believe in themselves.

Have you heard people say, well if she can do it I can do it? Ask friends and family to hold you accountable. Share your goals with them and they will celebrate your success with you.

Do not obsess over it. We can get way off track by putting to much emphasis into getting fit and making it a negative instead of a positive. You will have more consistency with fitness motivation by living in balance.

If you found any of this information helpful leave a reply below. Start today encouraging others by sharing on all social media.To your health,

Jenay Green


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