Getting fit and healthy begins with a choice

Getting fit and healthy begins with a choice

I know this may seem like the obvious, but I don’t know how many people stop to think before they make decisions. If you pause and think is this choice going to bring me closer to great health or closer to sickness and disease?

I believe that when we take the time to ponder our paths that our choices would be different. We live in a world that is always pressuring us to hurry and make hasty decisions and a lot of times that leads to bad choices.

Getting fit and healthy begins with a choice.I challenge you to begin thinking about what you are thinking about. Do you heave a healthy mindset when it comes to exercise and eating healthy? If you are always thinking about the reasons why it is hard and you can’t do it then you have set yourself up for failure.

Where the mind goes the man follows. You have a thought and then you take an action. If you have a negative thought pattern when it comes to eating healthy and exercising your first step is to renew your mind and choose positive thoughts.

I know this works because it has worked for me. It is exactly how I started to enjoy eating healthy foods that I never thought I would. I began to renew my mind with all the benefits of certain foods and thanked God for them. I honestly did this until I began to believe it and now I enjoy most healthy foods.

 Choose to focus on all the benefits that working out brings. Thank God that you can work out and that any activity that raises your heart rate and engages your muscles is benefiting you. People get caught up in if they can not run, get to a gym, or have extra time in their day that they can not exercise. This is not true!

Any decision you make today to raise your heart rate and move more will be a step towards your goal. Choose to take that first step and celebrate every right choice! Join the conversation by leaving a reply below and share on all social media to help as many people benefit as possible. Photo credit goes to

To your health,

Jenay Green


2 thoughts on “Getting fit and healthy begins with a choice

  1. Boy- what a good post this time,it is a great thought,and I will tryto think more about exercise now,because I have been slacking in doing the things I know will be good for me.I use to exercise all the time, but I got away from it,and I know there are a lot of exercises you can do without any equipment.Thanks for good advice.

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