5 simple fitness tips

5 simple fitness tipsbelieve 2

For 20 years I have been helping people achieve their health and fitness related goals and I will share some of what has had the most success and lasting change. It is easy to start something but it is an entirely different thing to stay consistent.

My goal is to help you stay consistent and to make it as simple as possible. We all need motivation from time to time because this is a lifestyle change.

# 1.Simple fitness tip is to get a workout partner. This can be a friend, spouse, child,co-worker and or a group exercise class. Getting a goal that involves helping others can be just the motivation you need to get fit and healthy yourself. Love your neighbor as yourself. You never know who you may effect by being a motivation for another!

# 2. Make realistic goals. Sometimes we get zealous with goals and make commitments that we can not keep and that can make us feel as if we have failed. Set goals to make small steps each day that will result in lasting change. It is better that you do something everyday and be consistent than go all out for a few months and get burnt out.

# 3. Simple fitness tip is to find things you enjoy. If you enjoy being outdoors find outdoor activities. If you are competitive you may be inspired by group exercise. Play with your family. Find sports and games to involve the entire family. You are more likely to stick with an activity that you have fun doing and can look forward to.

# 4. Another simple fitness tip is to set your mind to all the benefits of being fit and healthy. Since most people desperately need to get fit for the the sake of their health you can make your focus on the health benefits that will bring great rewards.

A mind set that is focused on all the positives can get you motivated quick. Your mind is powerful. Where the mind goes the man follows so set your mind where you want to go!

# 5. Start today by taking action. How many times do we say, ‘I will start exercising Monday”? We have all done that at some point. It makes us feel better to say we are going to do something, but only when we do something will we see the results.

That means start where you are and with what you have to work with. You can work out without a gym or any equipment. No more excuses just do it! The more you do the more you will want to do. It all starts with a choice BELIEVE in yourself and make that small step that WILL lead to BIG change.

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