Health and beauty secrets in your kitchen

Health and beauty secrets in your kitchen

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Lets be honest, we all want to look and feel better right? Women are always looking for ways to get healthier, loose a few pounds, and look younger. We are what we eat. I believe health and beauty begins internally by what we put in our bodies.

Anti-aging and wellness is a billion dollar industry so people are in search of the perfect beauty cream or magic pill. A lot of us have loads of products that we spent money on hoping to find that miraculous health or beauty product only to be disappointed.

I have always searched for the very best health and beauty secrets not only for myself,but for the women I help. I have also been on a budget so have been unable to use expensive methods, therefore I have searched for creative ways to get similar results.

Eliminating chemical filled products has helped my skin more than anything as well as eating a healthier diet. Think about the fact that your skin is the largest organ and you are absorbing what you put on it.. So in essence what you eat effects the health of your skin, and what you put on your skin effects your health.. is a great website for getting more information on the toxic ingredients in skin and personal care products Fruits and veggies contain a lot of water which we also can not live without and is vital to our overall health as well as the health of our skin.

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You can make a anti-aging smoothie or juice with some kale, mangos, walnuts,and blueberries.You will get omega 3 fatty acids, vitamin c, antioxidants that are all fabulous for your health that can also slow down ageing.

Health and beauty secrets from your kitchen may be just the answer you have been searching for to get amazing results without breaking the bank. I have found that a mask with raw honey leaves my skin feeling fantastic. Try baking soda as a scrub for exfoliating dead skin..

Another great health and beauty secret from your kitchen is raw apple cider vinegar. I had a friend put this on her sons wart every day and within a week it was gone. It can be used to help acne and is a great toner. Be sure to dilute it with water or it will burn. About half and half is good.

Coconut oil is another one of my favorites that leaves my skin feeling like a babies and smells fabulous at the same time. My article 1 simple step to amazing health benefits has more on coconut oil. Try incorporating some of these health and beauty secrets from your kitchen in your diet as well as using them on your skin and let me know in 6 weeks if you see a difference.

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  1. I bought the coconut oil and I’m in the process of using it to whiten my teeth and smooth out my dry rough feet. 🙂 I can already see the difference! Thanks Jenay!

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