1 simple step to amazing health benefits



                               1 simple step to amazing health benefits

1 simple step to amazing health benefits is adding coconut oil to your daily regimen.Coconut oil is one of my favorite health products that I have found many different uses for.

Coconut oil contains what I consider to be miraculous benefits from the inside out. Not all fats are created equal, and in this case consuming coconut oil can actually help you burn fat! It tastes great and is easy to include with a variety of foods.

Coconut oil is reported to increase energy levels, aid in digestion, and increase the metabolism, therefore aiding in weight loss. Consuming 1 tablespoon per 50 lbs of body weight is a helpful guide. It may help control food cravings also.

Coconut oil is antiviral and antibacterial which makes it effective against yeast, fungi, and viruses. I have read studies in it helping with HIV, as well as herpes, and measles. Coconut oil is also known for its uses for ear infections and pink eye.

Of the many amazing health benefits of coconut oil is its ability to improve thyroid function, relieve menstrual cramps and reducing heavy bleeding with menstrual cycles.I will be excited to hear some testimonies from you women who have been suffering with these female issues! It also increases the absorption of calcium and magnesium for stronger teeth and bones.

For babies it can be used as a natural baby lotion. diaper rash ointment, and helps with cradle cap. For children or anyone with gum stuck in their hair, apply the coconut oil and wait 30 minutes then remove it. Mix it with peppermint oil extract for a natural bug repellent without chemicals.  

My top ten favorite uses for coconut

1. sauteing vegetables
2. cooking eggs
3. replacing for butter
4. using as a coffee creamer in your favorite organic coffee
5.adding to smoothies for nutritional boost
6. as a natural deodorant
7. natural lotion
8. natural chapstick
9. eye makeup remover and eye cream

If you have had amazing health benefits from coconut oil please share your experience. I challenge you to make this a part of your daily regimen and share your testimony with me after 90 days. Make sure you leave a comment below and pay it forward by sharing with others!

To your health,

Jenay Green


16 thoughts on “1 simple step to amazing health benefits

  1. Hey! Very helpful information. I have also recently read and done a little research on the internet about the benefits of “oil pulling” using coconut oil. Research says that this is also good for dental hygiene. Healthy teeth & gums and also is considered a natural teeth whitener. Just thought I would share 🙂

    • Yes you are right! I have read about that as well but have not tried that yet. I will though and maybe have some insight on that next time. thanks for sharing! I could blog for weeks on all the uses of coconut oil. I love it!

  2. I have a friend who uses it everyday and have been considering it myself! This may have inspired me! Thanks for the useful information 🙂

  3. I love using coconut oil in my protein shakes but did not know about eye makeup remover – good to know! Thanks for posting this!

  4. I could sure use the benefits from the coconut oil! Not only for female problems but also for the make up remover. Can’t wait to try it. Thanks Jenay!! 🙂

  5. I have been using coconut oil for a little while now, and I LOVE it! I use it as a face moisturizer and so does my husband, who has really dry skin. It has helped tremendously. It has also reduced the redness in my face from rosacea. I used it as a deodorant one time to see if it really works, and it did. I have a hard time finding deodorant that works. I love cooking with coconut oil because of the flavor it gives. I used it to cook Salmon in a pan one time and it gave it sweet flavor. Very delicious!

  6. I found your article very informative with many different alternate uses for coconut oil. I recently researched the benefits and started incorporating 1 tablespoon in my morning smoothie. . You stated to intake 1 tablespoon per 50 pounds of body weight. I, for example, would need over 3 tablespoons a day. That equals about 42 grams of fat, 36 grams of that being saturated fat consumed on a daily basis just from the oil alone. How could that be healthy, especially someone trying to watch fat intake and trying to loose weight. Thanks

    • All I can tell you is what the recommended dosage is that I have seen. We need fat to burn fat. I have always lost weight never gained when adding lots of healthy fats to my diet. I eat a lot of fat between nuts, olive oil, coconut oil, etc and never pay attention to fats grams just focus on healthy fats. Coconut oil contains lauric acid that is used by the body to produce energy, rather than stored. The fat is metabolized like a carbohydrate. These fatty acids are easily absorbed by cells and is supposed to have a positive effect on metabolism therefore aiding in weight loss. I use about 2 tablespoon daily. I would research more and I am sure that what you are doing now is helping. love to hear of results so be sure to share!

      • It does make sense. I will continue on my path and keep you updated. I enjoy reading your blog, it is actually what got me jump started on the smoothies!! Thanks

  7. I used it as an eye make up remover and it worked great! Can’t wait to try the toothpaste recipe I found- I’ll let you know how it works!

  8. I love coconut oil! One of my favorite uses is oil pulling. You take about a tsp and swish it in your mouth for about 10-15 min. I do it in the morning before I eat. (It’s better on an empty stomach). Oil pulling helps pull toxins out of your body, it its great for your gums, and also naturally whitens your teeth. Just make sure you don’t swallow it or you will be swallowing toxins. Once you spit it out, brush your teeth. If your interested you can read more about oil pulling online.

    • Yes thank you I have read a lot about this just have not done it myself. I will though and thanks for the input!

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