How to increase your metabolism

How to increase your metabolismAs a former gym owner, I had a device there that tested your metabolism. The women who came in to have theirs tested would say things like, ‘I don’t have a metabolism, mine has died, it does not work or it is just so slow! They would laugh about it ,but I knew they were truly frustrated.

I have a great metabolism, but before you say anything let me tell you why I believe I have a great metabolism. I have always been active. I always ate breakfast and a hearty one at that.

I never skipped meals, other than a time of fasting(which was rare). I believe from my own experience and helping others for the past 20 years that everyone has the ability to increase their metabolism and see it work for you rather than against you.

A key factor in how to increase your metabolism is lifting weights. I paid attention to the women at the very first gym I ever worked at and figured this one out early. The women that worked their guts out doing cardio and teaching aerobics never seemed to achieve the look of the personal trainers who did less cardio and lifted more weights.

I came to the conclusion that the personal trainers that were doing more weight lifting seemed to have better metabolisms. Observing this at 19, I started lifting weights.. Now don’t get me wrong you do need some cardio, so there is a balance. You will find the balance that works best for you as an individual, but I believe if you will not be afraid of weighted exercise you will see great results with increasing your metabolism.

When your metabolism increases you burn more fat which is the ultimate goal.

I also had seasons where I would do more cardio and less weights and never saw the same results.It seemed as if my metabolism had slowed down high during those times.

I have done it lots of different ways over the years and have found weight training so crucial to increasing your metabolism. I also believe the other key factors to increasing your metabolism is eating small healthy meals throughout the day,never skipping meals and always eating breakfast within 30 minutes of rising.

If these tips have helped you or have worked for your personally I would encourage you to leave a comment below and share!


7 thoughts on “How to increase your metabolism

  1. Thanks Jenay for sharing your wealth of information that is based on your search for nuggets of truth. You help us live healthier lives.

  2. Thank you, Jenay, for this detailed explanation about weight training. I have heard weights mentioned as part of overall workout options, but never understood exactly why it was beneficial to women-especially the part about increasing metabolism. I know I would feel better if I had more muscle tone but now I have an even better reason to make time for lifting even a few light weights at home. Barbells, here I come 🙂
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  3. I believe this completely and can testify that this true! I am now lifting weights and can already tell a difference! As one who HATES TO WORK OUT (yes, yes, I know…”if you do it enough, you will get to a place where you love it!” says so many. I’VE NEVER BEEN THERE!!!!!), adding weights to my routine has already helped so much.

    {I will let you know if I ever “get to that place”…don’t hold your breath! 🙂 }
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  4. Thank you Jenay. My husband is a weight lifter and does very little cardio. He is very fit and has a very high metabolism. Love this!!!

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