Would you like healthy snack ideas?

Would you like healthy snack ideas?

would you like healthy snack ideasIf you are like me you are always looking for healthy snack ideas. As a personal trainer and health coach. I have diligently searched for the best healthy snacks for myself and clients.

The reason I am calling them snacks instead of meals, is because I find it more beneficial for my health and waistline to eat smaller portions and eat more frequently. I prefer the healthy snacks to be as close to the way God created them as possible.

We all know fresh fruits and veggies are the healthiest snacks but we need ideas on ways to incorporate them. I like to make my own trail mix by adding raw nuts in a baggie with sea salt and some dried fruit for that salt and sweet mixture.Think small portions because if I fill the bag up then I will eat all of it.

I also love chocolate and I have found a bar called Endangered species dark chocolate
that is sweetened with filtered beet sugar. I will either take a couple of squares along with some strawberries or some other fruit or add this to my trail mix.

Another healthy snack I enjoy is a called a larabar and the coconut cream pie has only 6 ingredients with no added sugar.Another one I love is kale chips. I make these myself. Take the kale,wash it and toss in a big mixing bowl with sea salt and olive oil then put on a baking sheet for around 15 minutes at 375. Play with time and temperature according to the way you like it..

My favorite healthy snacks are made with the  nutribullet, because of the endless amount of recipes you can create and the mega health benefits you receive.  Now this is actually a product that you can extract all your nutrition from your fresh fruits, vegetables, nuts, and seeds. Within a couple of weeks of using this product I lost weight and in about a month my blood pressure was lowered

Another great healthy snack idea I love is the Greens plus energy bars.When I had my health club these were a favorite with my clients. Another snack I enjoy is hummus with raw veggies. These are some of my favorite healthy snack ideas.

If you found any of these healthy snack ideas helpful please be sure to leave a comment. To your health!

Jenay Green


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