Getting Back on Track After the Holidays

 Getting back on track after the holidays is not always easy and most of us are filling a bit stuffed! Sure it is great to feast for a season, but all seasons come to an end, or at least they should. Most of us get really excited about goals to get fit and healthy beginning a new year, but the discipline to follow through is another challenge.

 Most of us love to eat, so it is not always easy to discipline ourselves to put down the Christmas goodies and turn back to the fruits and veggies! Joining a gym, a facebook group, or making resolutions are some of the ways we could motivate ourselves.

Even though we may know better,does not always mean we do what is right. In fact I used to not like salads or anything green. I disciplined myself over the years with lots of prayer and speaking those things over myself, hoping one day I would catch up to my confessions.

So I would choke down salads and say that I loved them and was so thankful for this great food that was bringing health to my mind and body. After some time making these confessions and trying all different types of salads I came to truly love salads. I prefer salads over a lot of things now and actually crave them. That is something I never thought I would be able to say.

Now don’t get me wrong I did not stop liking the unhealthy foods, but the more I eat the right things the less I crave the wrong foods. I like to call it, doing the dos! Then you will naturally find yourself having less of the unhealthy choices.If I say I can never eat sugar again it becomes the forbidden food that I cant stop thinking about and it takes up to much of my thought life.

What I have found helpful is that instead of making restrictions that I focus more on the health benefits of certain foods.I will google the health benefits of specific foods and then I will try different ways to include them in my daily diet. I also find that I am much more satisfied when I am eating nutrient rich foods as opposed to empty calories which never satisfy and make me more apt to overeat.

 Every decision you make to choose the healthier foods brings you closer to health goals you desire. Not only do these decisions make an effect on you but can be the encouragement that others need to follow along and have better health themselves.

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  1. Thank you for giving great ideas about discipline with our eating habits. Your examples of how you had to concentrate on the good in the foods you did not like, instead of dwelling on how much you hated them, truly is a great way to renew your mind. We really can make those change if we put to practice the tips you gave. It really does begin in our minds before it becomes an action. Thanks Jenay!

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